So I started something...

It's been something I've been wanting to start for a good long while now and the timing has never been right.  And to be completely honest, I'm a little overwhelmed with the thought of moving forward with it right now but it's all going to be ok, right? 

It's called...


I've had this nagging feeling for the past couple of years that I've just been in a mode where I complete a room and then I write up the big reveal, throw a few tutorials in there, and call it a blog.  And it's all great!  I know so many of you have found inspiration in my ideas (said as humbly as I can) and it's motivated you to get down and dirty with some DIY in your own space but still, I feel a lot of the time like I'm just "showing off" what I did and because I'm a big secondhand buyer, I can't always jot down all of the links and sources for you to do the same and so sometimes it all feels one-sided.  It's the same with Instagram and sharing over there...even more so sometimes.

So, I wanted to come up with something to involve YOU more in what I'm doing over here.  Something that will provide inspiration and support and just a whole lot of fun.  With our new house and all of the rooms needing attention, it's the perfect time to get everybody in.  :)

I've got a rough idea of how it's going to work but things might get tweaked along the way when we get a feel for what's working and what's not.  What it is is basically this - I'm going to work on one room for three weeks and if you want, you can work on that same room in your house.  It might be a big renovation (our kitchen...yikes!) or it might be a few small things here and there.  It might mean that all you have to do in that room is purge and deep clean or it might be that you've been wanting to paint the walls for a long time and this might give you to the motivation you need to start. 

Instagram will be the main place all of this will happen - the place where you can share your progress, befores, afters, ask advice, and get inspiration and support from anyone who is rooming along with us.  Use hashtag #letsroomtogether to share all of that!  Check my profile page there to find out what room we're currently working on together! 

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So, what room are we starting with?

Well, this month I've decided to tackle the kids' room, so let's start there!  If you don't have kids yet or your lucky enough to have completely finished kids' rooms, feel free to pick another room!  (If you don't know what room to choose, I always have fun numbering my rooms and then using random.org to pick a number.  Ha!)  You can play along as much as you want!  I'll be posting what I'm doing and you can do the same exact thing or you can work on something else in that room needing attention.  Capeesh?  You have all of July.  :)

Here's that kids' room I'm talking about...
That was before we moved in.  PINK.  And we needed gender-neutral since all four of our kids are going to share a room for awhile again.  So pink?  Nope.

Since then, we removed all of the wallpaper (more on that another time but let me just tell you, it was the most stubborn wallpaper of all the paper in this hizzous), removed the popcorn ceilings, painted the ceiling, painted the walls, replaced the ceiling fan (it literally started sparking one day when I turned it on), and painted most of the trim.  I can say with certainty that we've spent more time on this one room than any other in the house thus far.  Phew!

Here's what it's looking like now:
Pssst...You might recognize the fan shade from our old kitchen and here's the tutorial for the over-dyed rug.

Here's what I have down on my list of things to do:
Week 1:  fix the crown molding and paint the rest of the trim
Week 2:  hang curtains and go through kids' clothes
Week 3:  reorganize and rework the closet
Week 4:  hang artwork and other decor
-If there's extra time, I'll get the doors painted but we're also currently in the midst of taking a wall down in the kitchen so my sources tell me that probably won't happen until a later date.

Week Uno. 
For some reason, the crown molding in this room has a ton of gaps between the ceiling and walls so we're going to fix that (a few finishing nails and lots of caulk) and touch up the paint (Pure White by Sherwin-Williams).

Then I'll paint the trim around the windows.  Our window glass has fogged over time and needs to be replaced (put it on the list honey) and so I'm going to hold off on painting the wood around the window glass until we do that because I'm not sure what needs to be taken apart to replace the glass quite yet.  The door trim will get painted when the doors get painted so I'm not going to worry about that either...even though I'm dying to get them painted because...
It's been a good long while since they've had a date with a fresh coat of paint.  Yipe.

So, if you want, get in your kids' room and paint or touch up the paint on that trim.  It gets neglected all too often.  If you just did that last week, work on something else!  If the walls need to be painted, it's always better to knock that out first before you start decorating so maybe this is the week!  Have fun with this and remember, if you don't get everything done because life gets in the way, c'est la vie!   Living life is way more important in most cases.  Chances are my to-do list is bigger than my drive so I can't even promise myself I'll get everything done.  ;)  But, I'll sure try and whatever doesn't get done this month will get done eventually...

I've got a few fun DIYs up my sleeves for this room and I'll share the tutorials here but for the most part, I'll be sharing my progress (and I hope you'll share yours) over on Instagram

Don't forget to use #letsroomtogether so I can see what you're up to! 

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