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We’re trying to get on more of a weekly schedule over here.  We’ve got our daily schedules down pat pretty much but we’re trying to organize our weeks so that we know where certain things are going to fit in.  Things like me getting a little break from the kids for just a smidge of time.  I think they call that self care, right?  It sounds so whiny and poor-me-I’m-surrounded-by-littles-all-day-long and I hate that because, as you know if you’re a mama, one of the hardest things is to be away from your kids…yet getting a little breather once in awhile is good for the sanity aspect.  It’s one of those catch 22 things I suppose.  Mother bear can’t rip herself away from her babies she loves oh-so-much yet if mother bear is asked one more question about why the toilet paper is white or why a marker is called a marker or why we can’t stick things in our ears, mother bear might actually turn grizzly.  You know.  I bet that, if you’re not a mom, you might be able to relate in dealings with coworkers sometimes, yes?  Anyway, our budget doesn’t allow for a mothers’ helper or babysitter (nor does mama’s-girl Gianna) so we’re working with Anthony’s work schedule which makes things a little more difficult on the planning side but as you probably know, challenges are looked square in the eyes ‘round here.  Disappointed smile 

So far, we’ve pretty much figured out a morning when I can get a couple of hours to do whatever I want/need to do and last week, I spent that morning perusing a thrift store and it. was. awesome.  I feel like my most recent (of which there have been few) thrift store visits have left me feeling disappointed – I’ve found nothing of interest – and like thrifting as a spectator sport is dying out.  Around where we live, there are lots and lots of people trying to make money off of refurbishing furniture and things and so, if you’re not the early bird or the frequent peruser, you’re not the one getting the worm.  So basically, with the ability (or should I say the lack of ability) for me to get to thrift stores early and often, it takes some serious luck for me to bring in a thrift store win.

Anyway, I’m seriously rambling here when really I hopped on to share deets on that thrift store excursion from last week.  For this one, forget about all I said about the luck and stuff because I found SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! 


This couch was gorgeous but SO dirty…look at those arms.  Yuck. FullSizeRender (2) The color was a minty green/blue just like our sectional, which is one reason I loved it so much.  I’ll never get sick of the color of ours.  The top right cushion was torn away just a little from the back though too, but it was along a seam so an easy fix (so I think).  But, they were only asking $9.99!!!!  I’ll be honest, I’ve been harboring serious regrets about not nabbing it.  I know some elbow cleaning grease would’ve done wonders and we could’ve had it for so cheap!  We have zero room for it in our rental right now, which is why I didn’t snag it, but I wish that we’d have just made more room in the garage or something.  Sigh.  I haven’t gone back to see if it’s there because I’m very much assuming that it’s not.

This end table (that actually looks like two end tables stacked) isn’t really something I’d bat an eye at usually but, as I stood looking at it, I envisioned cutting it in half so that it became two, and then cushioning and upholstering the tops of each to make two little round benches or ottomans that matched but didn’t match.FullSizeRender_1 (2) Same height, same fabric, same painted legs (creamy white with a slight distress maybe?) but slightly different styles.  Can you see it?  :)

I really, really, really want to replace our ugly club chairs in the living room with two slightly smaller though just as comfy chairs and these almost fit the bill AND they were only $9.99 for the pair!!!! 

FullSizeRender_2 (2)(On another related note, I feel like I see cranberry-colored chairs everywhere!  I can’t get away from them!)  I would’ve taken them home but I really want exposed legs on whatever chairs we end up grabbing and the legs on these were just boring, long rectangles.  They could probably be replaced but I know that after reupholstering or making slip covers, we might be too tired to figure out how to add new legs.  Plus, I don’t know when I’ll get the time to make slipcovers or upholster two big chairs so I’d kinda like something that is ok looking that I can live with for a little while as-is.  These are not…I’m so done with cranberry.  We’ll keep looking but still, such a good deal!

This queen headboard was big and comfy and only $4.99!!

IMG_5760 (2)With some new fabric stapled on or a new slipcover, it would be amazing!  Talk about grand with a capital G!

This chair matched the bamboo set we have but it was missing a seat and possibly back cushion.IMG_5761 (2)It wouldn’t be tough to replace those though (tutorial here).  But you know how I feel about bamboo furniture, right?  Heart eyes for kilometers.  If we didn’t already have four chairs, I would’ve brought it home.

This green ottoman, oh my gosh:

IMG_5762 (2)I walked around for a long time trying to figure out where I could put it.  I think it was marked at $11 and it was real leather and the color was just amazing.  Like seriously amazing.  (Have I ever mentioned that my fave color is green?)  In the end, I dismissed the temptation because I just couldn’t justify it with no place to put it and then I saw some guy come swoop in and take it.  Good for him, darn it.  And how about that little yellow chair?  Cute!

There were nine of these woven placemats and I thought they might make a cool statement if they were attached at the edges to form a big square and hung up on a wall. 

IMG_5763 (2)Or take the same concept and go all rug with it.  Kinda like this one.

All of this green glassware was just perfection.IMG_5764 (2) I pictured them being stars on styled shelving or glass-front cabinets in a kitchen. 

These white plates were so pretty. IMG_5765 (2)They’re begging for open-shelving in someone’s kitchen or to take up residence as art in a collage on a wall.  They were $20 for all.

I almost bought this big ‘ole vase/urn/metal basin.IMG_5766 (2)It looked so much more amazing in person and had just the perfect amount of wear on it.  I pictured it married with a big plant.

I thought this little bowl was so cute.

IMG_5767 (2)I’d set it out around Easter and fill it with candy or even gravy or something like that at the Easter dinner table.  It’d be a conversation piece fo sho.  :)

He was kinda cute too:

IMG_5768 (2)Picture him on a pretty quartz countertop with a white subway tile backsplash behind him.  Talk of the kitchen counter, I tell ya.

These candle holders belong on someone’s Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner table…and then on their shelves or mantel when not on the table.

IMG_5769 (2)
They also made me think that maybe it wouldn’t be hard to turn actual pine cones into candleholders?  You’d have to add something to the bottom to make sure they could stand on their own and maybe take out a few leaves (???) at the top in order to fit a candle but, hey!  It might just work and might just work for free if you happen to have pine trees in your backyard.  Add some gold spray paint to those puppies and light ‘em up! 

If we were in our “permanent” house and not renting, I would’ve grabbed this little chapel to start up a pretty Christmas town like Sherry’s.  :)

IMG_5771 (2)

As it is, I walked out of Goodwill with one thing that day and you’ll get a peek at it soon.  :)

I smell a project, yes I do.  I smell a project, how ‘bout you?  ;)

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