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I’ve been pregnant three times in four years and therefore, gone through that awful post-partum hair loss phase three dang times and lemme tell ya, I post-partum hair loss like a BOSS.  It’s amazing I don’t more closely resemble Gollum after I’m through. 

So then, you can imagine what our shower drain goes through…or should I say what goes through it.  After the twins’ and Sebastian’s pregnancies, and really since we’ve been adults and had our own shower to take care of, we’ve always bought those cheapo hair catcher things you find hanging halfway down random aisles in Walmart.  They’ve always caught hair good enough (or so we thought) though cleaning out our shower drain was always a necessary chore every few months as our drain drained slower and slower and suddenly we found ourselves standing in a foot of water in the tub five minutes into a shower.  You might be able to relate WHICH is why this blog post is being posted.

Enter the Tub Shroom.  Center stage. 
FullSizeRender (13)(Anthony said it was a real good thing I watermarked the above photo.  It’s gonna be a popular one on the pin boards, we just know it.)

I kept seeing ads about these little hair catchers and dismissing them but then after the umpteenth drain clean out (thank you Anthony for doing all the dirty work), we went out on a whim and bought one.  At the time, it seemed like a “big” investment.  I mean afterall, we had maybe bought two or three of the dollar hair catchers so spending almost $13 on a fancy hair catcher saw us holding our breath as we clicked “confirm this purchase”.  But y’all.  Every tub in our next house will have one along with every sink that sees hair.  We bought that thing last November and, not only is it still serving us exceptionally well, but we did not need to clean our tub drain out once from the time we started using it to the time we moved out.  Not.  Once.  And that’s saying a lot because we bought this and started using it right before I traveled down the hair loss road post-Gianna.  Hair everywhere.  I apologize to the poor people who freak at the sight of detached human hair and who’ve zoomed to that ‘x’ in the corner already…truly, so sorry. 

I won’t show you what ours looks like after a shower but I’ll just have you know, it does what it was made to do.  It’s pretty amazing and genius, to be honest.  Not only does it catch all the hair that wants to slip down that drain, but it obliterates the need to use harsh chemicals to clean drains.  Good for your drain, good for mama nature.  Win.  win.


image via tubshroom.com

If you need more convincing or an understanding of the how’s and where’s, here’s a video showing just how it works:

If the video isn’t coming up, click here to watch.

So what I did was contact Tub Shroom to see if they’d be interested in giving away one of their awesome ‘shrooms to one of my lovely readers and do you want to know what they said?  Oh, did the title give it away?  Shucks.  ;)

Enter to win your very own fancy hair catcher using rafflecopter below.  It’s easy.  I promise. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And may your drain never be clogged again…because cleaning out drains is just so disgusting, right?  Who could live without that the rest of their life?  (Anthony’s hand reaches for the moon.)

.           .           .

PS, We were not asked or compensated by Tub Shroom to write or give a review of their product.  We paid for it ourselves and just wanted to share our love for it because we think you’d probably love it too.  However, there is an affiliate link included in this post which means that if you click over and make a purchase, we will receive a small commission that will probably go toward future Tub/Sink/Shower Shrooms for that house we have yet to find.  :)

PPS, giveaway open to US residents only. 


  1. I almost bought one the other day but I hesitated because we only have one tub so how do you take a bath with this in? it doesn't look like it stops water from going down the drain, does it?

    1. You can't take a bath with it in because nope, it doesn't stop water from going down the drain. :) You'd just fill up the tub, plug it how you usually plug it, and then slip the tub shroom in when you're draining so that it catches any hair. I hope that makes sense Susan! :)

  2. Awesome. I am always losing hair!

    1. It's frightening, isn't it Lisa? Like, how can this be normal?

  3. I have one of these in my amazon cart but haven't pulled the trigger yet! glad to hear it really does work!