One Year With Gianna

Also known as “The Year Parenthood Kicked Our Butts”.  Right after Gianna was born I thought, “Hey, this isn’t so bad, this having-four-kids thing.”  And now, looking back I realize I was naively basking in the sleepy newborn stage, soaking in life with the big kids getting more independent, only having one in diapers, and spending hours of “free time” nursing on the couch…  But now?  Now we have a one-year old and for this particular one-year old, that means being on your toes and on top of your game allllllthetime.  I don’t remember the twins or Sebastian being as busy as this girl is and, for the twins sake at least, that’s saying A LOT.  Girlfriend seems to have been born with a seek-and-destroy/eliminate/rough house/erradicate/obliterate motto and also a lemme-taste-test-every-tiny-thing-I-find-on-the-floor mentality.  Her favorite things?  The slightly open dishwasher, toilets, drawers, cupboards, toilet paper and any paper which she loves to pick to shreds (and then eat, of course)…nothing is safe.  In short, we get nothing done when she’s awake unless, and this is a big UNLESS, we turn on Moana.  She will sit and watch that movie and let the world crash down around her. 

Technically she’s now 13 months old but we’re going to go back a month and celebrate this girl who, for all her crazy business, brings all the smiles and laughs to the other five faces in this little fam bam over here.  Gosh, we love her something fierce.

Let’s skip down memory blevard, shall we?

First, you might feel like skimming the story of her birth or back even farther to when we found out she existed.

2 months (8)
3 months (47)


5 months (13)

6 months (2)

7 (10)



Oops, months 10 & 11 got skipped due to scheduling conflicts (aka, we got busy).  :(

1 year


.           .           .

See also at O N E year:  the twins & Sebastian  :)


  1. Happy birthday, Gianna!! She's such a cutie! Gosh, it is so tough when they get into everything (and also want to eat it). Bridget was full force in that stage (15 months) when Edie was born, and I was like, "What. Have. We. Done??? I am sooo tired that I can't even do life." *cue hysterical laughter* :)

    1. Haha! I just keep wondering if every kid is like this or if we have a really mini-maniac on our I'm glad I'm not alone Lauren!

  2. She sounds just like my 10 month old (who started walking at 9 months?!). I only have one right now so I can even imagine how you do a crazy + 3 other kiddos!

  3. Walking at nine months?! Goodness gracious! I don't know, I might have it easier in some ways (very few but some, haha!) because the bigger kids help with damage control a little - they grab little things she heading towards her mouth or yell when she's about to tear the house down. ;)