Floor Score

Hey!  I’m just popping in to let you know we did NOT fall off the face of the Earth but our living room floor did…well, kinda.  You see, we had some water issues (you might remember me blabbing about the chimney leak and a water influx on the patio-now-screened-in-patio) that are now solved but that left some of the planks of our laminate wood floors in the living room warped.  Well, since we’re about to sell our house we reckoned yesterday was good time to replace those.  Unfortunately, the previous owner didn’t leave us any extra planks BUT something crazy happened, while waltzing through our local ReStore last year, we spotted a box of the exact same flooring and swiped it up quicker than quick.  Fast forward to yesterday morning, when we pulled that box out of the closet to finally repair the flooring and guess what?  The new planks are ever-so-slightly different than the existing.  They’re from the same company and look exactly the same to the naked eye but the tongue and groove were about a millimeter different.  WOMP, WOMP.  So, this was the scene in our living room yesterday evening:

FullSizeRender (11)(old floor on the left; new on the right)

We couldn’t find any of the old stuff on the net and the store it was originally bought at no longer carried it (it was purchased eleven years ago so what did we expect?) so we had no choice but to take up the old and lay a new.  That realization was so hard to accept since we really only needed about five planks of replacement laminate.  FIVE!  *Head, meet wall.*  Thankfully, and that’s a big THANKFULLY, we snagged some even nicer laminate than we had before on super-duper clearance for 68 cents/sq. foot at Surplus Warehouse here and just finished installing it a couple of hours ago.  And we like it even better than our previous floors…I was never really in love with our old floors anyway.  (Which, by the way, we took apart carefully so we could resell bringing our cost down even more!  Huzzah!)  The new are more of a gray-brown, have the look of thinner planks of wood, and have the same undertone as the rest of the browns and tans (tile floors in the kitchen, kitchen countertops, brick fireplace) so they mesh with the rest of our casa much better.  If we weren’t moving, we probably would’ve picked out something super light for this room of few windows but this seems to be an all-around pleaser so we’re sticking with it.  Overall, I’m really surprised and impressed with laminate flooring.  I’ve always thought I prefered solid wood floors over laminate, and I think I still do only because herringbone wood floors have been in my dreams for years now, but I truly feel like you’d really have to look hard at these to know they’re not real wood.  Plus, they were pretty easy to install – Anthony and I did the entire floor in a day.   

Anyway, I just popped in to pop in but I’ll be back when I catch a breather.  We’ve been doing so much around here so I’ll be back with a progress post or two and some house hunting finds! 

Happy weekend!    

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