Minis In Maxis

Back when I went shopping for the Goodwill Fashion Challenge, I also snatched up this top for a buck:IMG_0017
It was hanging on the end of a rack and the stripes caught my eye (what’s new?)  It was an XL so my mind immediately went to turning it into two maxi dresses for the girls.  And so I did.  To do so, I first folded it in half.  IMG_0018
And then I cut it in half along the fold…no measuring here folks.
That gave me two pieces of the shirt.  Last, I folded each piece in half, right sides together, with the cut edges touching and serged the two cut ends of each piece together to make two dresses (sewing them together would work perfect too).
Image-1 (1)
Side Note:  If you buy an extra small or small top like this, you can probably get away without any sewing (besides maybe hemming or even just cutting off extra length if it’s a knit material like mine) if you’re looking to make a dress for one toddler.
And so that I didn’t age my kids 20 years, I cut two thick strips off the bottom of an old tee, folded each strip in half but forming a ‘v’, and sewed the base of the v to the top of each dress.

I took them outside with the DSLR to grab some quick after shots and it wasn’t until after I put the good camera away that they gave me stuff to work with.

This is unprompted, iPhone 4S, quality stuff:
They’ve been doing this (hilarious) thing lately where they run at each other with arms wide open yelling something in Spanish and crash into a loving embrace…and then die laughing at each other.   (I’m guessing Diego and/or Dora have something to do with it.)
Over and over they do it.  We were in JoAnn Fabrics two days ago and while I was waiting to get some fabric cut, they were putting on a show doing this down the main aisle.  I didn’t know if I should tell them to stop running or let it play on to the amusement of everyone around.  I let it go.  Dem girls I tell ya.  :)

Back to their garb though, I didn’t stop with the maxis…
IMG_6293…more on their new diy kimonos later.  (Not only are they diy but they can easily be made with nary a sewing machine in sight!  You won’t want to miss this one!)

And it just so happens that…
IMG_6301Yep.  Birthday present from Grandma this past year.  Totally random but I couldn’t resist.  ;)

Have a fantastic Monday! 


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  1. The kimono just put this over the top. I can't handle how cute they are!!

  2. You are amazing. That is all.

    1. Ha! That's probably up for debate Lisa but thank you!!!! :)

  3. Really?? REALLY????? Oh, my, oh, my!! Can you feel through the span of cyber space between us how much I love those pics of your girls. (And, the dresses are super fantastic.) I MEAN!!! As I wade through piles of baseball gear and stinky football jerseys, I wonder what it would be like to have something (or someone) lovely in this house. I'm probably just going to have to settle for being a blog stalker until God gives us a girl. Or we adpot. That would be fine too.

    1. Haha! Susan, as I was typing this out and putting these pictures up, I was feeling so guilty because all I ever do when I sew is make stuff for the girls or me! My poor baby boy! I'm going to have to up my game and crank out some boy stuff - ties? bow ties? I'm sure I can think of something and I must! These precious boys of ours shouldn't be left out! :)

  4. I LOVE this! Not only ingenious...your girls are so beautiful and stylish!

  5. No way - you are seriously amazing! I think I need to add learning to sew & a sewing machine to my Bucket List. ;) you make it look SO easy!

    1. You do!! Once you try and succeed, you'll never stop!! :D