The Traveling Scarf



More details to come but for now, go visit Camille - @lifeinmod & me - @beaninlove on Instagram to sign up for some fun via your snail mailbox!  In short, Deloom is sweetly sending one of their gorgeous scarves our way so that we can set in motion a way for it to go from lady to lady along with any sort of uplifting or encouraging treat you want to send with it.  All you have to do is sign up, vote for which scarf you think should be “the one”, wait for it to come to you, style it and share via Instagram, and send it along it’s merry way to the next lucky lady!  That’s it!  It’s an awesome way to uplift your fellow women and for us all to be connected via this one scarf! 

Hope to see you on Instagram!  :)

.           .           .

P.S.  All thanks goes to Camille for coming up with this great idea!  She thinks sweet thoughts!  :) 

P.P.S.  We’d love for you to spread the word!  Repost either of our ‘grams and include the hashtag #thetravelingscarf


  1. ohmygosh this is the coolest thing i read today. can't wait!

    1. So glad you're joining in Jamie!! It's going to be so much fun seeing it go from person to person!

  2. Love it! I commented on Instagram :)