Ding Dong

Remember when we hung the gallery walls in our little hallway?  It looked just great but something else didn’t - the doorbell.

It used to match the once-bisque trim but since we opted for bright white trim, painting it all in the weeks after we moved into this house, it’s been an eyesore ever since.  Not that doorbells are going for aesthetic pleasure anyway, but still…me, perfectionist when it comes to matching, I want it white.

Since there are a thousand other things I’d rather spend budgeted money on than a new doorbell, I grabbed a paint brush and slapped on a coat of some white trim paint (Olympic semi-gloss white) we had leftover from the hundreds of feet of trim we painted in this house.

  doorbellupdate (6)
Still an eyesore really but not quite as much of an eyesore, right?

If it were something that were touched and held, I definitely would have sanded and primed before painting or even taken it down and spray-painted it because it’s plastic but since it’s stuck up high with just a sound to make, I don’t think we’ll have any problems with that paint coming off or scratching or any of that.  So, it’s a free update for the win!

doorbellupdate (3)

Any free upgrades happening in your nest?  Do tell!