Do Not Be Afraid of Christ

I was going through all of the pictures on my computer this morning, trying to purge those that didn’t need to exist anymore and came across this graphic I made for a youth center project (my husband’s a youth minister) a few weeks ago that I’m going to erase because we decided not to use it due to the fact that I accidentally forgot a few words (whoops) and because we changed our minds on how to display it (originally this was going to be painted onto a big wall).  But, before I send it to the recycle bin, I thought I’d close out the week on the blog by sharing it with you. 

frassati wall

It’s so easy in this crazy world that we live in, to question, to doubt, and to forget to rely 100% on our Maker (because He is waiting with open arms!) so I hope this serves as a reminder to you as it does to us.  There is no shame in living for God; openly living for Him.  There are many risks we take in life, but placing everything in God’s hands is never one of them.  With that decision, peace and happiness will always follow.  That’s something I have to remind myself everyday.  :)

Back to the graphic though, in light of the missing words and a change in framing plans, I made three more graphics that will each be fit into a large frame and set side-by-side.

 photo 2 (14)
 photo 3 (6)

In case you want to print them out and frame them too, I’ve included the downloads below.  :)
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Have a great weekend! 


  1. That is a wonderful quote. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful! And how sweet of you to give us downloads - printing these for sure! Love!

  3. These are awesome!!!!!! Thanks so much for making them printable!! :)

    1. Thanks and you're welcome Kristin! Hope you can use them! :)

  4. This is such a beautiful quote and reminder!! Love it! And you did a wonderful job on the graphics! :)

  5. Can I use these on our parish website? I'm happy to give you credit and link to your page.

    1. Sure Kristin! With credit and a link, that would be fine. :) I'm glad you like them!