Referee Chic

I haven’t done many alterations since Sebastian was born but a couple of months ago my best friend was here and while shopping with her, I scored a black and white striped dress for three bucks at Dirt Cheap (it was Xhilaration, originally from Target).  I had Sebastian strapped to my chest per the usual so I didn’t get to see the inside of the fitting room but I just scooped it up anyway (knowing there was a no return policy) and home we went.  Then I tried it on.  The pattern?  Loved it.  The fit?  Bad, bad, bad.  I had do something and quick so I got out my sewing machine and slimmed the sides of the skirt.  Things went from bad to better and it could probably still use a little more slimming and shaping in the waist area but for now…bwdress
Much better, wouldn’t ya say?

In my haste, I didn’t take a-one picture of my process but basically I laid the dress out flat, pinned and sewed two straight lines down either side of the skirt, cutting out two triangular pieces of excess fabric from either side.  Having vertical stripes helped because as long as I followed those, I was good.

I love how versatile this dress is!  I can dress it up, down, and sideways.  I shared this sneak peek on Instagram awhile back.  Let’s refer to it as “The Concert Goer”:
[Except the last concert I went to was………..long before kids.]

Then there’s “Her Husband’s Date”:
[See how I still managed to keep the small curve up to the side seam?  I love that part.  :) ]

And the “Throw a Sweater Over It Because It’s Chilly”:

And my very favorite aspect, all the colors of cardigans that there every were can be matched up with it and live in synchronized harmony:

Fingers crossed, this dress brought me out of sewing stagnation so stay tuned for more snips and tucks!


  1. Love versatile dresses like that! You look great. :)

  2. Love it! That curved seam is perfect. :)

    1. Thanks Francine! Love the curved seam! It kind of reminds me of a tulip shaped skirt without being one. :)

  3. Love it! My favorite is the "Throw the Sweater Over..."....but perhaps it's just because I love mustard so much? :)

    1. :) That one might be my favorite too! Mustard is an amazing color and it does look so awesome with black and white!

  4. It turned out really cute! Love the ways you worked it too.

  5. Looks great! And good luck disrupting your sewing slump...I need some wind in my sails as well.