Fringe Benefits

That title should really read “The Easiest Infinity Fringe Scarf to Make Ever Ever Ever With Only a Tee and Scissors” but I was afraid I’d come off a little too vague.  So, let’s leave it and let me explain.  A long time ago I pinned Lakeland Local’s tutorial on how to make a nifty fringe scarf out of a tee shirt.  Then, a long time ago, I made one for myself using an old tee I had laying around.  Ta-da:

A short time ago I was about to toss an old tank into the donate pile when the idea struck again and two more mini fringe scarves made their way onto two mini necks:
diy fringe scarf
[Stolen from this Instagram]

They’re simple, no-sew, and really cheap to make (or free if you reuse like I did!)  They can be worn in the winter:

They can be worn in the summer:

I made mine out of a cotton/spandex blend tee and like how the fringe strings curled in at the sides.  The tank the girls’ scarves are made out of was straight up cotton so the fringe strings are basically long rectangles with no curling.  Both versions are pretty snazzy doncha think?
[And speaking of snazz, the girls are dripping with it above, no?]

Target must think so too because they’re carrying these right this second:
target fringe scarf

They’re a little longer therefore able to be wrapped twice ‘round the neck (like S & C’s) so if you’d prefer the length, all you’d have to do is find an XL tee to cut up or sew a strip of a knit fabric together at it’s short ends making one big circle, and then cut the fringe strips all along one edge. 

If you make one, let me know so we can be BFFs, that is Best Fringe Foreva.  Okay?  Okay.  #passthecheese


  1. Oh, I love how yours turned out! The thinner fringe is definitely my fave. Think I'm going to have to go tshirt digging tonight :)

    1. Thanks Becca!! I hope you found one or a few good tees to cut up! :)

  2. Ok I totally tried this last year after seeing it on Pinterest and it was an utter FAIL - I'm going to need a more in depth "fringe scarves for dummies" post or something ;) And the twins scarves - so cute!!!

    1. What? No way! I think you need to try again. Maybe it was the material? Also, if you cut the fringe too long it might look a little wonky. I only cut mine about 1/3 of the width of the scarf and then got them to look longer by pulling when I was done. Really you should try again though. :)