Hello from sunny Myrtle Beach!  We are basking in the sun and snug and secure in relaxation station, not moving from our spot until the weeks end.  See here:
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We’re here with Anthony’s entire family and loving it.  We’ll be sure to keep Instagram stocked with glimpses into the fun until we meet and cross the overgram line so check there if you want to live vicariously through us; we don’t mind.  Don’t mind at all.  :)

So, while the blogger’s away, the readers will play.  Does that make sense?  No?  Okay then, well maybe these will:

Our trip here was an 11 hour one.  Read:  a tortuous long one when you are traveling with wee kids.  So, getting them to sleep as much as we could while we plugged away at the miles was optimum.  Great except that sleeping in the car for the girls meant hanging heads meant sore necks meant no sleeping so I did a bunch of research on neck pillows before we left and we settled on these Summer Infant Cradlers.   They were awesome and have our stamp of approval.  We recommend them for any fam bams traveling the weary roads with sleeping babies.  (Link is an affiliate link which means that if you decided to purchase via the link, we’ll get a few cents.  This is not a ad and we paid for the pillows with our own cash money.)
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I was browsing swimsuits on J. Crew dot com last week and the detail-oriented-ness in me caught a discrepancy in the ‘thigh gap’ of these two models…only I’m 99% positive that it’s actually the same model whose gap has been subject to a little digital altering.
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The question I have to ask all these companies getting caught up in photoshopping perfectly normal bodies is “why”?  Seriously.  Epecially you J. Crew.  Your clothes hold a high level of esteem in the quality department and your pictures should too.

My sister introduced me to Oana Befort and the free calendar wallpaper she generously supplies every month to those looking for form and function via their mobile/computer device.  Get one for yourself and have the prettiest list of days at the click of a button.

Have an old, plain basket or two?  Freshen them up in a few minutes with a little bit of ribbon just like Deme did.  You can never ever ever ever go wrong with baskets for storage plus stripes.  Never.
ribbon book basket 028

Do you have a George Foreman grill?  If not, skip ahead.  If you do then you know how amazing they are when it comes to grilling up something quick and easy-like but how much of a real pain in the arse they are to clean afterwards.  It almost takes all the quick and easy out of the whole process.  Well, it’ll be news to your ears then that Kelly and David figured out how to clean these things without the sure-to-follow frustration.

.           .           .

And that’s all I’ve got this week.  I’ll be back next week, all nice and tan with those sporadic white spots all over my extremities from holding babies covered in 3854 spf.  You ‘rents know the ones.  :)


  1. Have a blast and keep those grams coming...they are my vacay this year!

  2. That diaper butt pic!! Love.
    Those pillows look neat!
    And that's really lame of JCrew. Even though I don't buy much of their stuff anymore because I'm getting geezerish, I love that American Eagle doesn't photoshop their swimsuit/undie models anymore. Super rad!
    Have an awesome trip!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Sheena! You guys look like you're having a great time and those beach babies are so sweet!!