My How They’ve Grown

The girls turned two this past Wednesday and it’s caused a lot of happiness, anxiety, sadness, and confusion to swirl around inside.  We’re not sure where the past two years went even though sometimes it seems like they’ve been the longest of our lives.  I guess that’s where the confusion comes in.  Anyway, there’ll be a whole ‘nother post unpacking all those emotions and some birthday fun but for now I thought it’d be fun to take a little jog down Memory Ave. with a month-by-month pictorial.  I was going to put together the sweetest little slideshow but I’ve currently got a whining babe on my lap, drool all over my leg, and one hand to work with so, yeah, no slideshow.  So, through the (two) years we go: 

1 day

One Week
1 wk

Two Weeks
2 wk

Three Weeks
3 wk

One Month
4 wk

Two Months
2 mo

Three Months
3 mo

Four Months
4 mo

Five Months
5 mo fr

Six Months
6 mo

Seven Months
7 mo

Eight Months
8 mo

Nine Months
9 mo

Ten Months
10 mo

Eleven Months
11 mo

One Year Old
12 mo

Thirteen Months
13 mo

Fourteen Months
14 mo

Fifteen Months
15 mo

Sixteen Months
16 mo

Seventeen Months
17 mo

Eighteen Months
18 mo

Nineteen Months
19 mo

Twenty Months
20 mo

Twenty-One Months
21 mo

Twenty-Two Months
22 mo

Twenty-Three Months
23 mo

Two Years Old

I’m off to cry buckets over the fact that they’re two and off to college soon and rejoice in the fact that we’re over the spoon and breastfeeding, mid and late-night wake up calls, immobility, and zero communication.


  1. Ahhh, love them. I can't believe they are two already!

  2. I loved this! my daughter is 20mo. and I cannot believe that she will be 2 soon. Great slideshow! Love those little Ugg wearing photos! ;)

    The McGuire Family

  3. Great pictures!!! Time. Goes too quickly.

  4. Sweet post :) Two might be my fave age....or three! I'm excited for the awesomeness about to ensue for you & the girls!

    1. I'm glad you said that because sometimes I get all focused on the terrible part... : / But, I think that's only when I'm home alone with all three. :)

  5. Oh, the twenty months shot really got me!! Loved this.

    1. I love that one too! Such a rare gem! :)

  6. So cute, thanx for sharing and you dress them so adorably!

    1. Thanks Lisa! :) I don't always get dressed everyday (it's pretty rare actually) but they do most days!