State of the Knobs, Mirror, & Hinges

Remember last year when I knocked off some Anthropologie knobs from some plain ones I found at ReStore?


Well, I’m happy to inform you that they’re still looking fantastic. 
afterlight (2)
The two on the left are the ones that are used the most as they are on the cabinet that holds the laundry paraphernalia.  There is nary a scratch or place of wear and tear to be seen.  The point?  Spray painting/painting metal knobs to create your own knobs of art works and works well not to mention is p to the erfect for those who can’t afford to spend $14 a knob!

Here are a few I’m crushing on that are great inspiration for some DIY knobs:
[from Anthropologie > 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  ]

[from Pottery Barn > 1  |  2  |  3  ]

Also in the laundry room, you might recall this mirror that I found for a few bucks at Dirt Cheap (though it’s original home was Target) and adorned with toothpicks stuck on with regular old craft glue.  It’s also doing great.  No broken or missing toothpicks. 

Not sharing the same happy fate as the mirror and knobs are the laundry room cabinet hinges I spray painted shortly after we moved in.
afterlight (3) 
The paint has worn off where the hinge swivels and metal meets metal.  Probably could’ve guessed that one before I painted them but c’est la vie.  In the grand scheme I have grand plans to move those cabinets around a little and maybe add some decorative trim so if we ever get that far, the best solution will probably be to just replace the hinges with new nickel ones.  Nickel spray paint is basically a sparkling silver anyway…not really what nickel looks like.

Stay tuned for more updates on how our projects are holding up!  They’re all a part of a ‘State of the…’ series that I started back with this post on the painted rug in the kitchen and all to let you in on how projects around here really stand the test of time.  :)

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