Choose Happy

So.  I made a few tweaks to the frame collage in the girls room.  This are always at risk of getting changed around here so that should be no surprise, right?  I know I’m not the only ‘tweaker’ (not to be confused with ‘twerker’ which I most definitely am not…in public…sorry Miley).  At the time that I first hung the frames, I framed  a free printable I found online that said “Choose Happy” and I loved it (still do) but it didn’t fill the frame like I thought it would so I had to extend the mat and dah, dum, dee.  Not my favorite improv.  See? nurserycollagedeets 007_thumb[1]

So, I switched things up by spray painting the frame white and adding my own rendition.  Much better.IMG_4550

Here’s how.  Last Christmas I strung our Christmas cards on some glittery gold ribbon and hung them over our french doors.  Well, when I was taking them down I couldn’t bring myself to toss the pretty gold ribbon I used so I cut it up into little squares and packed it away for a rainy day via ziploc.  That day came around last week.  I snatched those squares out of hiding and glued them in a gradient pattern onto a piece of white freezer paper that I cut to fit the frame.  A tiny dab of Elmer’s on the back of each square was all it 1 (5)

Then, to keep the ‘Choose Happy’ (because let’s be honest, this hangs right over the changing table and diaper changes call for that reminder), I whipped up the phrase using, rotated it so it printed backwards, and taped it to the glass on the outside of the 2 (6)

Next, I took out the paint I used on these lamps and with a very fine paintbrush, painted the glass on the inside of the frame right over each letter.  I did three coats so that the next layer of paint wouldn’t be visible through the green.  The acrylic paint I used dried super fast so I was able to do all three coats, one after the 3 (3)

Then, using the coral paint I intended this desk to be cloaked in, I went over the dried green paint with a thicker paintbrush.
photo 4 (1)

Painting with the fine brush followed by the thick brush gave the letters this two-toned look:IMG_4551

And that was that.  While I was at it though, I also spray painted the frame I had stained with coffee grinds (far left).  Here’s what the collage looked like before:
nurserycollagedeets 009_thumb[1]
And here’s what it looks like now:
(See also –> the dresser makeover and it’s spray painted hardware.)

Using things I already had made this little project 100% free, just like I like it.  And, if the winds of spontaneity make me want to have “Keep Calm & Don’t Breathe It In” or something along those lines plastered in that spot instead, I can easily scrape off the happiness and paint on something else nice and quicklike.  Win, win.  :)

In case you want to post this little reminder on painted glass like I did, I’ve made the ‘Choose Happy’ downloadable for ya (thanks to Deme for the excellent tutorial on how to be tech savvy like that).

Click here –> Choose Happy – to download

Have a happy humpday!



  1. That is such an excellent improvement. I have a handful of things in our nursery right now that need some free upgrading but oh to find the time!

  2. Great job! I have that same cross for my twins. It was the first thing I bought when I found out I was expecting twins :)

  3. It's so light and bright—love it!

    1. Thanks Madolyn! It is so light and bright compared to what it was before! :)

  4. Wow, I love the dresser makeover, too! The entire wall looks great.