So.  Sooooo… So.  You probably haven’t noticed that we’ve been somewhat absent from social media for the past week.  That is because we were enjoying this:
photo 3 (4)
Btw, I’m pretty sure the gates of heaven will bear more resemblance to this little swinger than any pearlies but we’ll see…hopefully.  ;)  Oh, and might I mention #nofilter

We skirted over to St. Augustine to see family that also headed down that way and to see my sister for the latter part of last week and we’ve been missing it ever since.  The time spent in St. Augustine was wonderful but the seven-hour car van ride?  Not so much.  We found out that traveling with three babies a fun road trip does not make and we found out that one of those babies has a tendency to get car sick.  Gagging and throw-up all around, literally.  Here’s the sopped-up aftermath and let me tell you, you’re lucky it’s no scratch-and-sniff.
photo 1 (6) 
Poor sweet girl.  It happened on the way there and was not the fluke we thought because guess what?  It happened all over again on the way back…after a milk sippy cup was downed…and I used to like cottage cheese…  But, everything is washed and smelling flowery again so we have high hopes for the even longer vehicular trip we’re taking later this summer.  Any remedies I should know about to keep toddler motion sickness at bay?  Spill the deets…I mean, don’t spill ‘em…oh no…I’m having flashbacks…make it stop...(insert squinty-faced emoji).

Anyway, I won’t go into all the details of the trip because I know that vacation recaps are lots of fun to read when you’re not the one that went (sarcasm intended) but I’ll share these in case you’re curious:
photo 1 (7)
My family went out to see the sunrise the morning before we got there and got this amazing shot.  Waking up early doesn’t seem so bad when you have this as a reward, no?

photo 2 (7)
Me, my irish twin sis Farrah (separated by a mere 10 months in the year 1983), and our girls.

photo 2 (8)
This pinterest-ing idea is brilliant and works.  We were racing against a rising tide coming in so we didn’t have much time to build a huge hole but this did the trick for the time being.

photo 4 (2)
Me and our brood heading out to the sandy shores.  Do we look cool and collected?  Good because that was actually not the case.  It was quite the effort prepping all bare skin for the beach, getting there, and being on it.  Quite the effort.

So, with all that fun behind us, we’re well into this week and my best friend is here from St. Louis to join in on the craziness that is the Tobin household.  I hope your week is as exciting as ours!  :) 



  1. What a fun trip - minus the car-sickness. Our oldest had it bad for awhile too - we couldn't even make it to our two-hour-away doctor appointments. I found Dramamine for kids. I only let him have water and crackers for awhile. And, finally we caved and got a DVD player in the car (something I swore I'd never do, ha!) so he wasn't looking out the windows so much and would have something to focus on. He's been good for about 1.5 years now! I hope she grows out of it very soon!

    1. Thanks! Dramamine definitely seems to come highly recommended so I'm going to have to grab some before we take off next! We also had our DVD player playing right before she got sick but it was across the car from her so I think I might have to somehow figure out how to center it in the van. That'd probably help.

  2. What great picts- esp. that sunrise one! And I agree about early rising- the only time I don't mind getting up early is when we're at the beach. :) Also, our oldest gets carsick too (come to think of it I should probably keep an emergency stock of air-fresheners in the car!). Like Britt said, Dramamine for kids might work!

  3. We had to outlaw milk of any kind in the vehicle!

    1. We only gave it to them since we were driving through the time they usually got it but I'm thinking next time we'll just have to skip it for the sake of all involved.

  4. Looks like a wonderful time away!! Sorry about the car sickness :( My cousin gives her kids (toddlers) dramamine for car sickness & it seems to help.