Cropped Minties

Oh life.  This past week was a doozy.  Last Thursday night Anthony and I were perched on the couch watching our favorite show, White Collar, when all of a sudden our furnace suddenly just shut off and our nostrils caught a whiff of burning something.  I freaked out a little thinking something was going to blow and Anthony remained calm and checked out the situation.  A few phone and house calls later and we found out the not-so-wonderful news that our furnace had breathed it’s last.  After all, it had a good 30 years under it’s blowing belt.  Even though we knew that at its age it was coming, it’s timing with a newborn around and the unseasonably cold weather here down south was nothing less than impeccable.  A few days of playing musical space heaters and a few thousand dollars later, we’ve got a shiny new furnace and a/c to put on this house’s resume.  Great.  Going along with the impeccable timing, Anthony had to leave in the middle of our outage to head up to D.C. with four bus loads of teens to stand up for the unborn in the March for Life.  It was bittersweet to see him go but a great sacrifice all the same.  Lucky for me, my younger sister flew over here from Dallas to help a mother hen and her three chicks out.  Thank God for her.  So, with all that hustle and bustle, the french door Anthony and I were planning on making and installing in the kitchen didn’t happen…yet.

.           .           . 

Oh parenthood.  I’m a go-getter.  Sitting all day just doesn’t do it for me.  And TV, I sat watched enough in the hospital before and after Sebastian was born to last me a year.  With that said, the new kid on the block is only satisfied if he’s nestled in the arms of ma or pa.  No swings, no soft surfaces, no co-sleeper…  So, as much as I love holding the kid alllllthedaylong, nothing ever gets done – no cooking, no cleaning, and especially no DIY.  It’s bittersweet and leaves me longing for the day when he’s old enough to just relax in his bumbo and watch his sisters scrap the place while I do something productive…not that holding him isn’t productive because it is and I love it, but I’m just in need of some activity/movement/excitement in my life (which is why Anthony is holding down the fort this afternoon so I can go out into the world sans children for just a teeny bit.) 

Anyway, what do you care, right?  I know.  It’s probably rambling and there are tons of people out there with weeks more trying than mine but the point is, I’m sorry if it’s a little slow around here in the next few months.  I’m going to try as hard as I can to blog because I really love and miss it and I hope you’ll keep following along!  And while you’re waiting for Sebastian’s birth story (if you even are), here’s a little something to keep you occupied until I’m awake enough to remember type out all those details.

Around the eight month of carrying around Sebastian in utero, I found these Liz Lange (Target) maternity pants at Dirt Cheap for $6.  Maternity pants from Target have never quite fit me right in the hip area but these were just asking for an alteration and since they were so cheap (and that color!!), I couldn’t help myself.  Home they came. 


photo 1

I took them in using the same technique (technique probably isn’t the right word…hack job is probably more like it) I used with these white Gap maternity pants last year.  Here they be now…err, previous to the boy’s arrival:  matmints

And that’s that.  I’d stay and write more (because you know my life be like crazy and lots of words could be poured out on it’s behalf…I only wish) but Anthony just suggested we go for a nice little family walk ‘round the block and guess who’s jumping at that chance…yep, this mom.

Have yourself a good weekend!

Oh and P.S. Some sweet somebody nominated us for a Sheenazing Award (inspired by the incredible Venerable Fulton Sheen…only a bit ironic that my name happens included in the title…) for having the best-looking blog over at A Knotted Life!  I’m truly honored and humbled!  I guess all my googling HTML and CSS code and pretending to be a blog designer has paid off!  Head over to check out all the award nominees and to vote for your faves!


  1. You are so talented. They are really cute! And, sorry for the crazy week - thank goodness you had a sister there to share part of it with :)

  2. Oo, just think about how much more efficient your new furnace is compared to the 30 year old one!

    Sorry things have been so rough--I can definitely relate to the unputdownable baby. Glad you for to get out for a little!

    Those slacks are really cool. I especially like them with the striped top:)

  3. Hmmm that is a challenge, active mom versus must be held baby. My money's on mom:-)

    1. Julie, considering you've had nine and you're still alive, not only does that give me hope but also a new hero. :)

  4. Wow, they look SO much better! You rock. I need to learn your hacking skills because I got those same capris last spring and even 40+ weeks preggo they STILL looked so baggy on me.And they will be put to great use starting here in a few months (or next week - with Texas you never know), so I better get to hacking. You look 39485 times better in them than I ever did and will. Too cute!

    Oh and how awesome that your hubs got to go to MFL! :)

  5. I think you need a baby carrier so you can strap him to you and you can go about your activities. takes a little getting use to but you can definitely accomplish more. :) good luck...maybe you could diy a moby wrap...just a super long knit fabric. I'd love to see that!

    1. Oh you better believe I've got one!! He's in it most of the day which is great and makes life a little more manageable for sure! I have a moby wrap and love the comfort of it but am not a huge fan of how long it is...I might try making a shorter one like the Solly Wrap. In all my spare time these days, of course. ;)