One Week In

Greetings from Cirque de Tobin!  Let's talk about the past week, shall we?  It's been wild and tame and everything in between.

First, the obvious.  Baby Sebastian - one week young and in the business of making our family of four a family of five complete with three kids under TWO. 

It's as crazy and intimidating as it sounds.  However, I will tell you that taking care of one baby vs. two is a cake walk!  Where with the twins I spent the majority of my days during their first months nursing them, I spend about 10 minutes every two hours nursing this boy.  He came out of the womb knowing how to eat (I expect he gets that from his Pops) and gets his fill in no more than 10 minutes each feeding.  It took S and C at least 20 minutes to fill their bellies, making that 40 minutes plus to get them both fed when I wasn't feeding them at the same time.  It probably helps that I've got a little nursing experience under my belt now plus maybe men are just better and quicker at inhaling their food but the point is, it's crazy how much time I don't spend nursing these days.

A little more on Seb - he sleeps like a champ.  Those of you who have kids know you're supposed to wake your newborns up every two hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night to eat.  Sebastian's pretty good at hinting he's ready to eat every two hours during the day but at night he'd go four plus hours without eating if I let him...which I have.  The nurse (just out of nursing school) who told us in a straight-from-her-nursing-textbook that we couldn't do that after he slept five hours straight in the hospital one night can sue me.  During the day he's in typical newborn-sleep-mode and while he's not sleeping is content with just peeking at his surroundings, which usually includes two over-interested twins getting all up in his biznaz.

They're absolutely smitten with him...a little too much sometimes.  C gives soft kisses (and licks) to his fuzzy head but then gets really excited and goes in for the ear grab or the binki snatch or the sock steal with full force.  S is always gentle with him and her fave place to be is nose-to-nose watching him bat his eyes or contort his face the way newborns do.  And then they're always pointing out his "nose" and stabbing him in the eyes to point those out.  It's cute and overkill all wrapped up in one big package stamped "sibling love".  

I have yet to type up a widdle birth story but let me tell you a little about the recovery...ouch, ouch, ouch.  I don't remember being as sore and in pain after the twins (whose labor was actually EASIER!)  Then again, I think a week after I had had them I was still constrained to a flat surface whereas a week after this one I feel 90%.  It's a real good thing you forget the pains that bearing a child brings because if you didn't, well, overpopulation wouldn't even be a word.  Am I right moms or amIright?

Anyway, the girls are still asleep and Sebastian is neatly tucked into the moby wrap strapped to my person so what else can I tell you?  Oh yeah, I FINALLY ordered a new laptop!  We actually ordered an HP a few weeks ago but sent it back because it had some major issues in the screen coloring department that couldn't be resolved after a frustrating call to HP and me repeating "I'm sorry, could you say that again" to the foreign man on the other line with the accent I just couldn't untangle.  Here's to hoping this one (which is supposed to come this week) won't disappoint and I'll be back and blogging per the usual because I SO miss it.

Oh and guess what?  I found my nesting bug!  Turns out it was waiting for me on the other side of pregnancy!  :)  I have all this new-found motivation to sew and create and paint and build and...and then I forget that I have a newborn.  So maybe it'll all happen a little slower than usual but there will be projects.  Actually, this week we're working on making a french door complete with inset glass out of a solid wood door to replace the hollow-core door between the kitchen and laundry room.  Also, we built that co-sleeper out of a thrifted changing table for Sebastian and so I'll get a post up all about that.  Here's a peek:
(There's been a little confusion with how it works based on the picture I took.  I snapped this after picture quick while it was not in it's usual spot of right next to the bed.  The short side at the top butts right up against our mattress and is the same height as our mattress, creating an extension of sorts.  The post will explain it better.)

Well, before I ramble some more I should probably scoot.  There's no time like nap time to do fun things like laundry, am I right?



  1. I looooove the name Sebastian! And your fam is do sweet. Congrats again mama.

    1. Thanks Kate! We're lucky to have a "Sebastian" because it was my sister's fave name too and she had a boy first! Lucky for us it wasn't so popular with her hubs so now it's all ours! :)

  2. I bet it is thrilling to do the single thing while the memories of two is so fresh!!! I think you should definetly ignore your newbie nurse and listen to your little man:)
    Enjoy your nesting bug....and do make a little time to inspire the rest of us:)

    1. Yes! I never thought about that! It probably does make the ease that much better considering just yesterday I was knee deep in twin, make that waist deep. :)

  3. Congrats on a good sleeper! I hope he stays that way!! I had a rougher time recovering after Sophia, too, at least for the first week - and not just because I had two kids all of a sudden! The girls are so sweet with him, and it will be fun to see them interact as he (and they) get older.

  4. You know, I'm not surprised the labor was more painful, and now I feel like I should have warned you! Because with twins your uterus is so distended that the contractions are really no more than a discomfort (At least for me they REALLY weren't bad), but with just one baby in there, the muscles haven't stretched as much and it is oooooooooh so much worse! I guess that's just one way twins are easier :)

    And how awesome that he's sleeping and nursing like a pro! I'm kind of looking forward to whenever we have the next baby, because a singleton just seems like a breeze compared to twinsanity!

  5. Glad things are going well! And mad props to you for getting out a post one week postpartum. I am super intrigued about the cosleeper...does not compute at the moment but I know it will make sense when I see it:)