Calling In Reinforements

We're a few steps closer to having a cute, little, antique loveseat adorning our living room space!  Mind you, they're little steps that only took about 30 minutes to complete but it's progress.  Here's where we started:

As mentioned in a recent post, we decided to attached some burlap straps to the back of the loveseat for extra reinforcement.  It's probably not necessary since the loveseat's already pretty sturdy, especially since we brought in some Liquid Nails and added some strategically placed staples (which I'll get to in a minute), but it adds more peace to our minds.  So, back to the burlap straps, all we did was measure out three lengths of burlap strapping and attached each piece with staples to the back of the loveseat.
The bottom strap was the most important since it went all the way from the front of one arm rest to the other.

I know the middle strap looks a little wonky but it had to be that way...we realized that the straps wouldn't lay perfectly straight across because the back of the loveseat is so curved.  So to keep the middle strap flush with that curvature (?) and keep it tight, we had to raise it in the middle.  So, wa-lah, that's that, easy peasy.  Onto the tougher, more dirty...or should I say that went on. 

If you read this post a few weeks ago, you know we had some unsightly cracks going on throughout the loveseat.  Well, after squeezing about half a tube of Liquid Nails into each crack and putting in some staples for extra hold, we're ready to move ahead!  Here's what I'm talking about (granted, it looks a little messy, but after we get wood filler in, sand it a teensy bit, and get paint on, you won't even notice):
  (Sorry the picture's a little blurry.)

While the glue was drying, I finally got to put my fabric ideas in motion and went out to a couple of good fabric stores around here to search for "the one".  I came home with two swatches and a little bit of frustration, but that's okay because I know that patience is needed when a budget is being followed and I will find fabric eventually.  :)  Here are the two swatches I came home with anyway:
A plain, taupe, upholstery fabric that cost just under $10 a yard and...
a fun, geometric, upholstery fabric that I love (cue the wop-wop), but that's $30 a yard!  :(  It's a no-can-do but I had to grab a swatch anyway so I could dream about it...and look for it online for cheaper...much, much cheaper.  I've already prepared myself for the fact that I probably won't find it but I'm thinking that it might make for a good ottoman fabric when we get around to building one for our sectional and by then, the (possible) decreased price paired with the fact that an ottoman doesn't take much fabric might just work.  :)  
So, with all of that said, I'm planning on breaking out the wood filler this week and quite possibly primer!  I can't believe we've come this far...even thought it's taken so long!  If you've missed any parts of this ludicrous project, you can read about them in order herehereherehere, and here.

Now, before I sign off for the day, I can't help but clue you in to our next project...that's right, our next project.  They're always coming one-after-another in this house.  :)  Here's your clue:
Any guesses as to what we might be working on next?  It's going to involve a little sewing, lots of painting, a little bit of stenciling, and possibly, some metal...  It won't begin until after the loveseat's finished of course but it's going to be a good one!  Stay tuned!   

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  1. You could always put the cheaper fabric on the back side of the love seat as well as the back and use the geometric pattern for just the bottom seat. Or if budget allows but the geometric on the front and plain on the back.

    I am so impressed with your project!! I cannot wait to see it in person!!