Lights Out

Busy week = zero loveseat progress.  But, we are going to work on it today so hopefully, we'll have an update next week.
We do want to share with you our headlight switcheroo though.  Two years ago we bought a Toyota Corolla - most reliable, never-needs-to-be-fixed, best gas mileage car we've ever owned.  It's a cute little silver thing but it's headlights were really foggy.  I'm not sure how that happens and I'm not sure if it's just a southern thing or what (humidity the culprit maybe?) but they've bothered me from the start (me = perfectionist).  I've seen ads from car dealerships and shops saying that they can be cleaned and 'cleared' but it costs $70 and, well, we're just too cheap.  Plus, we've been told (thanks dad!) that it doesn't really work.  Well, a few weeks ago we got a sweet little, actually, rather big present from Anthony's parents in the mail - new headlights!  Let me tell you, I didn't even know you could just order new headlights like that!  I guess it makes sense that car parts can be purchased by the piece but I've just never thought about it.  So anyway, one hot summer day a few weeks ago, we ripped the two boxes open and Anthony went all auto mechanic on me (he never ceases to amaze me).  :)

Here's a quick before picture I shot of our foggy beams while he was working:
         I wish we could write a detailed post about "How to Switch Out Your Own Headlights", but we didn't take any pictures of the process and Anthony's till too busy with grad school homework to blog.  Maybe next time, next car.  :)

Here's a headlight close up:

Just for kicks, here's a picture of a single, un-installed car headlight.  Who knew this is what they really looked like outside of a car?  Not I.

The new headlights came with new bulbs but we took the old bulbs out of the old foggy lights and saved them since we had just replaced them about six months ago.  No need to throw out something that works that can be reused in the future, right?  More money in our pockets.  :)

Last, here's the new bulbs which actually make our car look brand new:
Sorry about the glare on the left one...they're just so darn shiny and nice, I couldn't get away from it!  The great thing is, our lights shine brighter at night which means we've scored in the safety category.  :)  Yay for new headlights!

.           .          .

Before I have to go to get ready for a semi-busy Saturday, I want to share what we did last week with you in pictures.  We took a bunch of teens from our Life Teen youth group up to Atlanta for a Steubenville Youth Conference, which was amazing, but then we took them camping and whitewater rafting.  It was the first time in my life I had ever been on a raging river in a blow-up raft, clinging on to an oar and the side of the raft for my life.  Terrifying!  The worst part was that I was in front.  Out of the six people (plus the guide who sat in back) on our raft, two of us were first-timers and both of us got stuck in front because, of course, no one wants to sit in front.  It's crazy scary in front and there's really nothing to hang on to or anywhere to dig your feet into so the chances of flying out into a hydraulic (I'll spare you the terrifying details of what those are) or the crazy, swirling, rocky waters are significantly higher.  I was "Shoot, I should've called everyone in my family and told them good-bye" scared.  Anthony, on the other hand, was giddy with excitement (I might mention that he was in the back of the raft...) and thrilled.  Well, as you see/read, I lived to tell about it and actually didn't fall out once.  The company we rafted with actually takes pictures, like the kind amusement parks take at terrifying points in their rides so you can actually get a glimpse of yourself during the part of the ride where your entire life flashes before your eyes.  Then of course, once it's over you can laugh at yourself in embarrassment along with everyone else who was with you at the time.  So anyway, I'm giving you this opportunity to laugh with Anthony and I.  To see pictures of me on my first (and last) whitewater rafting excursion, click here.  To see Anthony's ride, click here.  I hope that makes everyone's Saturday a little more joyful.  Yes, I'm saying you can laugh at us (particularly me, the pansy) and I won't be hurt but only happy that it makes you happy.  :)
Have a great weekend y'all!   

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