Spotted: Open Doors

There’s no non-awkward way to jump back into superficial, almost-meaningless blogging after my last post so I’m just going to go right in, head-first with…


another round of Spotted – things I’ve seen at local thrift stores!

This time I pranced the secondhand corridors of quite possibly my favorite thrift store here, Open Doors Ministries Resale and Thrift Store.  Their prices are awesome (at least half that of Goodwill!) and they always have something good when I go in.  Always.

This time was no different.  I went in looking for a light fixture for the kids’ bathroom and after looking where I had seen light fixtures in this store in the past, came up short.  But, BUT, when I went up to the checkout desk to ask if they had any more light fixtures anywhere, the lady behind told me “Did you check the room in the back?”  WHAT?!  What room in the back?!  Y’all, there is a WHOLE ROOM/AREA FILLED WITH LIGHT FIXTURES in the back of the store that I had never known about!  Mind you, I’ve been scouring this thrift store for over a year now.  Crazy!!  Behold:IMG_3693I know it’s hard to make out from this angle what exactly is in there but to the right there are shelves of lights and light parts.  It was nuts.  I still didn’t find what I was looking for (I needed a two-light fixture and lucky found this one later on sale on Amazon) but you bet I will be back to hunt down something to replace the boob light in our master bathroom.

Anyway, besides all the cool chandeliers I saw that I didn’t need, I spied all of this stuff:

You know I have a soft spot for all things rattan/bamboo so it shouldn’t surprise you that my heart skipped a few beats over this sofa:
IMG_3683It was only $10 (I know, right?!) because it didn’t have any cushions.  It also needed a little fixing on one arm where some bamboo had broken and a good cleaning/oiling but it was a beauty – I loved the pattern of the bamboo back.  If we didn’t already have a bamboo sofa of our own, I would’ve walked out with it.

This thrift store always has the best frames.  I liked this long, narrow one:

And the mat on this one was super cool:IMG_3688I almost bought it but then remembered I have loads of empty frames stuffed under our dresser waiting for the perfect home.  :(  I would have painted the mat white and maybe filled it with a couple of my favorite Instagram photos.  If it’s still there next time I’m in the neighborhood, I think I’ll pounce.

We don’t have any need or space for a cart right now but if we did, I might’ve rolled this one away:
IMG_3686It obviously needed a top shelf but it would make a cute bar cart, craft cart, printer cart, you-name-it cart.

With a new upholstery job (which can get pricey, I know), this sectional could be the swanky elephant in any room:IMG_3687Or I know people have gotten away with painting fabric so maybe you could go that route.  I didn’t write down any prices and my memory only held onto a few, not including this one, but I don’t remember thinking it was super expensive.

This chair reminded me a little of the one I thrifted a few months ago:IMG_3689I’m not a huge fan of the contrasting piping but the shape and legs might help me jump that line.

These wooden embroidery hoops were in excellent condition and there were so many scattered around:IMG_3690There are so many things you can do with them!  I made the round orb on top of our hutch out of one…

and I’ve seen countless bloggers make orb chandeliers with them!

These citron velvet chairs were cool and it’s always a win to find pairs of chairs when you can:
IMG_3691They were in pretty good condition and $65 for the pair.

And go figure, the walker I tried to hunt down second-hand and even in retail stores around here for Gianna last month (I liked how slim and non-bulky it is compared to others) turned up at this store when I had already settled for something else.IMG_3692

I’m having buyer’s remorse over not buying these artichoke candle holders:IMG_3694I couldn’t think of a place to put them at that moment but man, they were cool and now of course, once I’m home, there are a million places I can think of that they’d be perfectly perched.  Maybe I’d spray paint them?  Maybe I wouldn’t?

These bowls were a pretty color:IMG_3695I have no idea what the purpose of the notches in them was…maybe to hold a spoon?  Anybody?

If you’re a tea pot collector, the green lady in back was pretty:IMG_3696

And last but never least, this guy was pretty cute:
IMG_3697I’d add some painted polka dots to his slippers and write a catchy title on the front of his book.  Boom.  Conversation piece. 

Ok, kidding on that last one.  ;)

.           .           .

We are thisclose to finishing the kids’ bathroom (minus the concrete countertops) and I can’t wait to show you it!  I’m aiming for a “reveal” next week but don’t hold your breath.  The last time I set a deadline, we ended up with a kid in the hospital.  :(

TGIT…and almost F!

Help Wanted

I’ve been having a hard time finishing a blog post recently.  I’ve got several drafts started but I can’t find the energy to finish…or the concentration but that’s thanks to a lack of sleep and never a dull moment ‘round here.  :)  As I sat down, once again, at the end of last week to pound out a post, it hit me why I’m having a hard time.  There’s so much going on in the world these days.  I mean, there always is but recently the weight of it all has come down on me - friends who have sick children, a friend (wife and mom to four) from college passed away a couple of weeks ago, the refugees and their war-torn countries, bombings, the list goes on and on.  It’s hard to watch the news. 

All of my drafts are about superficial stuff, you know, the stuff I love to write about – a DIY tutorial, a thrift store trip, the new pair of jeans I just got – and it’s all fine and dandy to write about those things but they can wait.  I can’t just sit down and write about paint while I’m acknowledging the suffering that is going on in the world past my doorstep.  So, this Holy Week I’m going to skip the shallows for some deeper water.

It’s hard to make myself aware of the turmoil around me but it’s necessary.  As a stay-at-home mom of small children, I don’t have the ability currently to just pick up and volunteer whether it be at a local or international level.  But, I can empathize and I can pray and I can give money.  So, I’ve asked a few trustworthy friends to recommend some legit sites (I know that in a society where scams seem to run rampant, it’s easy to be skeptical) where we can do just that.  I hope you’ll join me.  :)  If praying is all you can do, this is a great week to dive in.  If you’ve got some cash you can part with, part with it with your right hand while your left is praying.  Learn about these causes not because they’ll make you want to go cry in your pillow but because we are the Body of Christ.  Our brothers and sisters are suffering and they need us to think about them, to acknowledge them, to pray for them.  And I know I can take that knowledge and turn it around on myself – stop taking what I have forgranted, start living more fully, start cherishing all of the blessings I’ve been given.  It’s easy to forget how good we’ve got it sometimes.  :) 

I hope you all have a powerful Holy Week.

(I’m going to be updating this list as time allows and I’d love to you to add more causes close to your heart in the comments section!)

.           .           .

Help support the Garcia’s  I went to college with Katie and was lucky to travel with her in Europe while doing a semester abroad.  She was just amazing.  The best thing I can say about her is that she’s the kind of woman you want your daughters to grow up to be like.  Her husband and four small children are here on Earth missing her along with a whole slew of friends.  Also, check out Katie and David’s blog, especially this post.  

Preemptive Love Coalition – a non-profit that brings relief to families on the frontlines of war in Syria and Iraq and empowers refugees to rebuild their lives.

Lifting Hands International – they collect and ship high-priority items to refugee camps.  They keep in touch with volunteers on the groung in those camps to figure out exactly what is needed (and what’s not needed since space is so limited in the camps).

Humanwire – donate, follow your donations progress, and see it delivered to a refugee!  So cool!

Ananias Mission – “We are responding to the Syrian refugee crisis by helping refugees as they go through the resettlement process. We are working to educate our communities to help them understand the crisis and to inspire compassionate action. We build direct networks between Americans and the Canadians who are sponsoring refugees, as well as personal contact with Syrian refugee families as they move to safe countries where they can live and worship freely.”

Kids Against Hunger – they work to get food to hungry children in the US and around the world.  You can donate or you can go hands-on and pack meals.

Carry the Future – they deliver donated diapers, baby beds, and baby carriers (along with much more) to refugees.

CNEWA – they help those in poverty by getting them basic supplies and healthcare among much, much else.  87.9% of every dollar donated goes to those in need.

Little Leo was diagnosed with a form of cancer and his family needs help paying medical bills.  Donate here and follow his journey here.

Christopher and Winter are raising money to build houses for those who need them in Haiti through Food for the Poor.  They’ve raised enough money to build three houses and their mom got to go to Haiti to meet the people living in those houses.  How awesome is that?!

Calais Action – a direct-giving and advocacy group geared towards refugees.

Jesuit Refugee Service – they help and advocate for refugees and forcibly displaced people (just reading those words “forcibly displaced” on their site breaks my heart…can you imagine?)

Light House Relief – an organization that provides help for refugees in Greece.

MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station) – working to save lives on the sea along migrant routes.

Cheap Change

Let’s play ‘spot the difference’, shall we?  What’s changed from this picture:
to this picture?
IMG_8676I mean, they’re not exactly a reflection of each other anymore.  One is the fairest (or fairer) one of all.  A mirror image they are not.  Ok.  I’ll stop.  You get it, you had it before I even started up with my ridiculousness. 

I painted the mirrors.  We ditched the dark, dusty rose for lighter and brighter white with a gold touch.  (And yes, in case you noticed this too, I spray painted the light fixtures quick-like.)

Here’s how: