Cheap Change

Let’s play ‘spot the difference’, shall we?  What’s changed from this picture:
to this picture?
IMG_8676I mean, they’re not exactly a reflection of each other anymore.  One is the fairest (or fairer) one of all.  A mirror image they are not.  Ok.  I’ll stop.  You get it, you had it before I even started up with my ridiculousness. 

I painted the mirrors.  We ditched the dark, dusty rose for lighter and brighter white with a gold touch.  (And yes, in case you noticed this too, I spray painted the light fixtures quick-like.)

Here’s how:


First, I had to protect the glass so I covered it all up with some scrap paper.
I made sure to slide each piece of scrap paper under the edges of the mirror frame so that I didn’t get any paint leaking under there.  I then taped them down so they wouldn’t move.
IMG_3558The old Sheena might’ve just taped off the mirror edges (or not even taped at all) but then I realized that if/when you get paint beneath the edge of the mirror frame between the mirror and frame, you can see it reflected in the mirror and not only is that a dead giveaway that something was painted post-purchase and didn’t come that way (the way you want your spray-painted things to look) but it just looks plain sloppy.  Lazy for the lose.

Once the mirror was safe and undercover, I primed the frame with my favorite primer.
Then I gave the entire thing a couple of thin coats of this white spray paint.  I went with a flat finish because these mirrors have a distressed look to them and flat paint would kind of keep that look whereas anything with a sheen might make them just look bumpy –> not good.

I could’ve stopped there…but that would’ve been boring.

These chunky mirror frames have a bunch of different facets to them so I taped off the innermost part.  I used and LOVE this painters’ tape.  I have never had paint bleed with it.  The best.IMG_3594
After taping, I taped some newspaper over the rest of the frame to protect the fresh white.
And then I gave it a couple of thin coats of my favorite gold spray paint.
King Midas called and said that even he loved them, despite them not being completely gold so I guess I’ll take that as a win.  ;)

Whaddya think?
Much better, eh?  I do still have a hankering to paint the walls white in our master bath but we’re putting that on hold for a few bigger projects that I’ll tell you about later.  So, the white against the dark greige walls seemed a perfect pairing.  If we go white, I think I might go gray with the mirrors or I could leave them…I don’t know.

Anyway, back to the nitty gritty.  You can see the distressed look a little better here:
IMG_8666(PS, want to take a shower while the baby is awake?  Go clear with your shower curtain and let them watch the “rain”.)
After I had painted the mirrors, I went over the larger distressed areas with a small piece of sandpaper to bring out a little more color from underneath.  Not the dusty rose color though.  The mirrors were dusty rose with tan distressing and so I tried to stick with just revealing the tan parts like so:
IMG_3641(before up top, after below)

It’s so easy (not to mention el cheapo!) to add a little something special to a solid-colored frame just by painting a part of it.  I’m a big fan of it as you can see here, here, and here.

Happy weekend!

.           .           .

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