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Battle of the Bellies

Until I get the gumption to write up Sebastian’s birth story for y’all (crossing my phalanges for later this week), I thought it’d make sense to back it up a bit and post the bump comparison pictures I took during this singleton pregnancy.  I posted them on Instagram but never blogged ‘em so for those of you who aren’t ‘grammers, take a look.  It was obvious that my twin pregnancy would laden me with a king size belly but I thought it’d be fun to see how much bigger exactly.  Check it:



17 weeks










Crazy, huh?  I mean, the first half of Seb’s oven time wasn’t that much different than the girls’ but the second half?  Whoa.  And believe it or not, my singleton pregnancy was overall more difficult.  I was sore, my hips and back ached, I had some crazy nerve pain,  I was tired (because of chasing the twins around no doubt), and I had minor morning sickness up until week 15 (with the twins I had zero).  However, the weight difference was incredible.  Sebastian felt as light as a feather compared to the truckload I carried with the twins – 13 lbs. of baby compared to 7.5 lbs of baby.

Towards the end of this pregnancy I whipped up this comparison pic as well:photo 4
A 10 week difference in belly sizes!  So I wonder if that means that at 37 weeks with the twins I was actually measuring at 47 weeks…  Crazy thought.