How To Make a Rug Stay In Place

Rollin' in here quick with a spotty internet connection to tell you a little bit about a rug and how it was driving me nuts.

Last year, when I did a quick little makeover on the kids' bathroom, I laid down this rug* to top everything off.

Still love, love, love the rug but don't love, love, love how much it slid around.

To try to keep it in place, I bought a roll of shelf liner* to stick underneath and that helped a little but every several days, I'd find it had shifted a few inches and it became a regular thing to have to move it back to it's spot.  😐  

I don't know about you, but I have a whole slew of better things to do with my life than moving a rug every few days so something had to change.

Anddddd it did...thanks to some hot glue*.

All I did was add a few strands of glue to each corner of the underside of the rug.

I wasn't sure if the glue would stick to the fabric but, once it was on and cool, I tried pulling it off and it wouldn't budge.  I was winning so far.

And the winning streak continued because, so far, so good.  No more moving.  Since our rug is fairly small, adding glue to the corners seemed to do the trick.  If it was bigger or kept moving, I might've thought about adding strips of glue along the whole rug or just larger strands on each corner.  

Motto of this story:  Have shifty rug?  Add some hot glue to give it a little grip!

Anyway, I'm glad I have a few extra seconds every week now to spend on other finishing up our cabinets.  There was a slight snafu in getting them done that I'll tell you about later.  For now, I'm giving them all the eye rolls.

Happy almost weekend!  

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