Save My Seat

 Or, rather, seatS.  From my kids.  And maybe from myself too.  

We bought these chairs* several years ago when I was going through a big mid-century phase (haven't quite grown out of that one yet because it's a w e s o m e).  I found two of them at Dirt Cheap and two more on Amazon Warehouse - each pair a different color but at the time, I didn't mind because they were so cheap.  Sometimes logic leaves me when I see a good deal, what can I say?  So one pair had a gray upholstered seat and the other, an ivory seat.  The gray held up, the ivory?  With kids?  Chairs that we use every single day during meals?  Not so much.

I won't zoom in any farther than that.  You get the picture.  You might even be able to relate.  Note to self:  Even though Instagram makes it looks possible, kids and light-colored furniture DO NOT mix.

Something had to be done.  In my head I had ideas swirling on how to make covers for these seats that could be removed and washed.  Seems like an easy concept but every fabric I dreamt of was a non-stretch home decor fabric and I didn't quite know how to reconcile that with curved chair seats without a ton of extra, tedious thinking and work.

Enter Amazon.  It usually does pull something out of it's A through Z hat, doesn't it.  Cue the eye roll.

I stumbled on these* when I wasn't even looking.  I bought four gray ones and haven't looked back.

I hesitated to recommend them before we used them and used them and used them (we've had them for over a year now) but we've done all that and probably more and I can say with a little bit of gumption that, if you need a little help saving your seats, these removable seat covers might do you wonders.  I know that every chair is different so whether they'll work on your chairs or not is a question but it's worth a shot.  They don't fit our chairs like a glove; there are a few wrinkles around the sides, but that's ok with me.  This is more function vs. aesthetics and sometimes you just have to give in a little for sanity and, in this case, cleanliness.  :) 

Someday, I'll take off the removable covers and recover these chairs with something fun.  Someday.  Like when the kids are off to college.

Aaand that's all I've got today.  Nothing super exciting but I promise you haven't heard the end of me.  I've got a big tutorial on the docket, a pretty front porch to show you, and, fingers crossed, I'm going to try to start painting kitchen cabinets next week.  Eek!  Can't wait.

Happy weekend!

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