New Bedroom Curtains!

It seems I've caught a sort of spring decorating bug.  First it was the living room and now it's followed me into the master bedroom and I just can't stop.  

The master bedroom also happens to be the current "Let's Room Together!" challenge so there's lots in the way of motivation to change some things up.  I spent most of my free moments last week deep cleaning our bedroom - under the bed, baseboards, dressers, mirrors, etc...  All the while looking forward to the most fun part of the challenge for me - hanging new curtains.

It's not that our current ones were bad, on the contrary, I love them.  Love them so much I've stowed them away for another change of wind (usually if I'm not going to use something decor-wise, it gets sold).  I found them on Facebook marketplace last year and paid a whopping $20 for all four panels.  They're velvet and oh-so-luxe.  (Pssst, they're these curtains* but the dark taupey color of ours don't seem to be sold anymore.)

Yes, I had intended to shorten them when I bought them (they're 96" long) but when they're functional, that wish gets moved to the back burner (and apparently stays there).  It wasn't necessarily my go-to style but the dark curtains paired with a dark rug (hard to tell with that reflecting sunlight but it's dark slate blue, gold, ivory, and that same dark taupe as the curtains) felt so right for the winter months.  I was proud of myself for stepping out of my normal light and bright decor routine.

Fast forward a few months to a Dirt Cheap stop where I found three of these curtain panels* for $4 each and fell in love with the blue.  I feel like the actual color differs from what Target shows on their website.  They're more of a muted gray-blue than the baby blue online.  So pretty and perfect for spring.  I had to buy another panel from Target (I waited for a sale!) to get the four I needed but still, I only paid about $45 for all four.  They're all 108" long so I washed and hemmed them before I hung them...and then I gave myself a good pat on the back for doing that before and not...well, never.  

Yep, that's a real plant.  It's a rubber ficus and it's almost out of control in this corner but I don't know where else I can move it...  

They did shrink when I washed them, about three inches, so make note of that if you love them so much you want them too.  (Stinks because I was hoping I could get a some pillow covers to match out of them but now I can't.)  They can be hung through a rod pocket but also have tabs along the back, which is how I hung them.  I love me some curtains with grommets but I really like how wide these are when they're pulled open all the way.  Oh, and of course they're hung high and wide - the inner edge of the curtain falls just over the outer edge of the window.  So basically, when they're open, they're really just covering the wall but it makes the window look bigger and more grand.

Unfortunately, they don't match our dark rug at all so onto Facebook Marketplace that went and out of the house the same day.  I'm a firm believer in pairing rugs with carpeted rooms so you bet I've got my eyes peeled for another one but for now, we're rocking the plain carpet route and letting the curtains be the stars of the show.

I literally stayed home all week this week because my vehicle's gas level is at a quarter tank and it's hard to find gas here (I tried once, though not very hard, and came up short) so I crossed a few more things off my list that I didn't know if I'd get to.  I can't wait to show you.  :)

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