Spotted: Goodwill

The four-year old and I made a quick trip into a local Goodwill here while out running errands last week and we found some STUFF.  I hadn't planned on going in and taking pictures to show you the treasures because I haven't had much luck finding things at thrift stores recently but after I spotted a few great things, I thought "why not?"  (If you're reading and you're local to the Mobile area, these were all seen at the Goodwill in Semmes.)  

I know it might be disheartening to you for me to show you what I found here - things you can't buy there since they're here, but my whole point of these "Spotted" posts is to show you what potential lies in those little (and big) things laying around inside thrift stores around the world.  You just have to open up your mind a tad and picture those things somewhere besides on a thrift store shelf surrounded by a random assortments of objects.

I didn't take notes on the prices of what I saw but everything was under $5, with the exception of the lamps.

It took a fair amount of back-and-forth mind conversation to convince myself I didn't need this wallpaper:

(I was juggling things in my hands so I struggled getting a good picture of the whole roll.)  If it were the modern peel & stick kind, I would've pounced.  But, having torn loads and loads of wallpaper off the walls in this house within the last year, I'm still raw about the idea and so pasted wallpaper isn't on my list of things I would like right now.  However, this pretty roll that mimicked a beautiful blue sky with wispy white clouds would look dreamy on the ceiling in a kids' room, inside a closet, on an accent wall, just anywhere.

I noticed this plate staring at me from a shelf right next to the check out line.  I couldn't get a good picture of it with my old phone but the gold was so much more beautiful and brighter in person.  I'm sort of regretting not buying this but I was in line and couldn't think straight, apparently.  It would look so pretty mounted to a wall.

I've been loving using bowls at home for catch-all places.  That's why this one stood out to me.  It was a pretty, deep teal with a gold rim and would be pretty on a shelf or counter, ready to hold any odd and ends you sent its way.

I second-guessed myself on this little jar because I went through a red stage for awhile and then a no-red stage but I thought the cut-out peppers detail was cute.  I surprised myself because I really liked that pop of red.  It would up the ante on some open shelves in the kitchen.

These were just plain cute and could literally go anywhere.

I've been on the hunt for some large jars to hold branches and flowers so these next two caught my eye because that was in the back of my mind.  This first one has a very cottage-y feel and I've been loving that look recently:

And this one is the perfect vase/jar to give an earthenwear look to.  (Kate's genius project is on my list of to-do's.)

These days, the whole reason I stop at thrift stores is to find a pair of lamps for our bedroom.  I've been so unlucky with finding two of a kind.  But then I found these:

They have that cottage look I'm loving and would be perfect as is or with a paint job.  But, they were just a little too big for our bedroom and so I skipped over them.  Womp, womp.

I loved  the color and shape of this lamp:
It was a good mix between taupe and blush and with a new shade and a more brushed, matte gold treatment to that bottom ring of shiny gold, gosh, it'd be pretty.

These small mugs also caught me at check out.  We don't need mugs but they made me wish we did.  Once again, they'd add a little something to open shelving in a kitchen.  They were such a pretty green.

I walked away from all that but I didn't walk out empty-handed.  I found some great clothes for the kids, Sebastian especially.  His current button-down shirts are inching up his growing arms so he was due.  I found these four for under $10 for all. 

I also found him some shorts and a dress and top (that both coordinated with a dress and top they've already got) for the twins.  It's nearly impossible to find secondhand clothes that match (which is fine since one of our twins doesn't like matching) but it's always fun when I can find things that coordinate, even they were purchased months apart.  :)  

They grow so fast that, even though they're eating their way ever more through our monthly food budget, at least the clothing budget is safe.  ;)  

Thank you Goodwill!

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What about you?  Are you a thrifter?  Any good finds recently?

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