Living Room & Kitchen Update

Last week, instead of typing on the old keypad here, we were spending our free moments knocking out some major (well, sorta major) progress in the living room, kitchen, and breakfast nook area - it's all one big room now thanks to a wall getting taken out.  

We still have yet to actually paint but we did spend a few nights after the kids went to bed priming.  The ceilings had to be primed along with the trim and the was quite a feat.  Not only did they need to be primed, but we had to use oil-based primer (the worst!) to knock out that smoker smell once and for all and because the wood paneling required it.  I'll write a whole post on why and how to paint wood paneling when we are all done and that will have all the details and explanations.  Until then, hows about a little update?

Warning, I did not clean up my house for you.  I just snapped these in-progress shots real quick like when the sun was shining.  I know you don't mind.  ;)

Starting at the beginning (for the biggest shock factor, of course), here's what the room looked like right after we closed: 
I know that, if you've been reading for awhile, you've probably seen this before a million times so I apologize, but nevertheless, a quick recap is always fun, no?

Now, things are a heck of a lot whiter and a heck of a lot brighter:

Crazy, right?  The primer is pretty stark white so it's a little bit whoa, but the actual paint will be a little bit warmer and not so glaring.  Either way, the change is BIG. 

We've had a couple of friends who have seen it this past week ask if we white-washed our walls.  Haha!  N. O.  Don't get me wrong, the look is great in certain places and mostly, on certain things, but no to a white-washed look in here.

This was the view from the other side of the room about a month ago:   

But now?

"Whoa, that's white!" again.  It looks extra stark without the extra chairs and ottoman and blank walls, but progress.  Focus on the progress. 

As much as I love the new bright atmosphere from inside the room, one of my favorite views is looking in from the entry way, which we gave a little makeover to last year.

This is what the view into the living room looked like after that entry makeover:

The two rooms obviously clashed - you go from a room that looks like it belongs in 2020 to a room that is still stuck in the 80's in one glance.

But now, even with the living room still unfinished, things are much more cohesive:

And they'll only get more cohesive as we go.  Huzzah!  Those two doors are going to become the elephants in the rooms real quick....gotta get them painted.  Also, that's the same fiddle leaf in both pictures!  It's grown so much in the past year, hasn't it?!

+                                        +                                        +

That's all I've got right now.  We thought the next step was painting the ceiling, and we're one coat down with one to go, but we've realized that there's a whole lot of caulking that needs to happen between the crown moulding and ceiling and on the beams before we paint the second coat.  Lots of those gaps were very hidden with the dark wood but now, with all of the white, they're glaringly obvious.  It's a fun new addition to the to-do list.  Le sigh.

We are aiming to have this room completely painted by the end of this month though.  Stay tuned.  The final(ish?) reveal is going to be a doozy, I just know it.  ;)


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