I know you’re expecting an update on the kids’ room but…


I don’t have one.

I mean, I do but it’s their “new” rug and I kind of wanted to save that until the reveal week.  I painted their old rug and I want there to be some element of surprise in the final week and the color of that rug is going to be it.  :)  I was planning on sharing how I spiced up their ceiling fan this week but I ordered some stuff for it (three weeks ago) and those things still have not yet come.  My impatience is only slightly killing me. 

So, I’m going to skip over the kids’ room for week five of the One Room Challenge (but you can still click the link and check out everyone else’s rooms!) and show you what I found secondhand this week.  It’s another post in the “Spotted” series but this one involves a few different places vs. one store.

Gianna was in an especially cranky mood during this run so I didn’t catch prices because it was more of a see, shoot, and run type of thing but they’re all thrift store prices, which are usually fairly good down here…sometimes a little higher than other thrift stores I’ve been to in other places but still, much, much less than buying new and even consignment.  The point is to show you what you can find if you only go into a thrift store with an eye of potential.  ;)

First up, a local Goodwill. 

It’s no wonder this shower curtain caught my eye (I heart striped shower curtains v much):

IMG_9214It looked and felt custom-made because it was thick and the stripes were ribbons that were individually sewn on.

These two bowls were on a shelf right next to the linens and the color and scalloped detail were so good.  IMG_9215Imagine them stacked just like they were on that shelf on a shelf at home.  Or holding cranberry sauce at your Thanksgiving table.

These glass bottles were large (maybe a foot high?) and heavy.IMG_9216They were priced at $19.91 for the set of three.  I’m not exactly sure what functional purpose they’d have (maybe store wine in a more glamorous way?) but they were beautiful!

This pitcher was fairly large and at first glance, I thought it was painted to look like marble.IMG_9217Upon closer inspection, it looked more like paint was lightly dribbled around it but it was definitely made that way and not a DIY project by someone else.  Very pretty.

I don’t need any bookends at the moment but I wish I did because I would’ve brought these home with me:IMG_9218With a fresh coat of gold spray paint, they’d be a great addition to a stack of books in the living room.  Or, with a fresh coat of something bright, a kids’ room would be a happy recipient.

These ceramic owls were cute, though those bug-eyes had me wondering.  IMG_9219But, with a coat of white spray paint, I was thinking maybe those eyes would disappear into the rest of the owl and not stand out so much.  Then they’d be a great addition to some shelves somewhere.

I spotted this big round rug on our way out; that big green one rolled up:IMG_9220I obviously couldn’t see much of the rug but what I could see looked almost like it was brand new – no stains or wear whatsoever. – and the quality was amazing.  The color though?  Eh.  Not so great.  But, it was flat-woven and made of woven cotton (I think), so it’d be a great candidate for a dye job.  Or I guess it’d be great as-is in a playroom or kids’ room maybe?  It was also huge.  My guess is that it was a least eight feet wide…at least.

Next, a local thrift store called Open Doors.  This store typically has really good prices compared to the rest of the thrift stores I’ve been to around here.

Right in the entrance was this big, gold (real brass?) pot.  IMG_9221I should’ve bent over more to take a better picture at its level but there were people walking in behind me so it wasn’t really an option.  It was hammered brass and pretty big.  Maybe too big to be a cool trash can in a super cool bathroom but maybe not.  Otherwise, it’d make a great pot to stick a big ‘ole indoor plant into. 

We don’t have a place for this mid-century mod chair but gosh, I wish we did.  IMG_9222I could’ve sworn I saw the exact same chair on the Instafeed of a local mid-century modern resale store here and when I did some checking after we left, yep, ‘twas the same chair.  Had I known I would run into another a week later, I would maybe have scooped up the one from the resale store (they had it priced at $89) and this one (I couldn’t find a price because it was just set out or someone had the sticker inside the store intending to buy but either way, I’m guessing they wanted $20 or less).  I’ve reupsholstered box cushions before so I could’ve given them a whole new life.

I have seen this pair of huge frames there for months and months and loved them every time:IMG_9223They’re at least 30” tall and have metal frames, which means that replacing that old art inside and painting the huge mats would probably be easy peasy.  If only I had a big, empty wall.  They’re marked at $35 for the pair but my guess is that they’d sell them for less since they’ve been there so long.

This big shelf would be a great addition to a play room or any other room that needs some function:IMG_9224It was at least as wide as I am tall and solid wood.  The wood was pretty banged up though so a fresh coat of paint would make it look like it came straight from some fancy store.

Last, I noticed a few things this week on Facebook marketplace and Varagesale online.

I really, really, really love the lines and big, chunky moulding on this tall dresser.  IMG_9225The seller wants $100 for it but it’s been listed for awhile so they might be willing to go lower.  I’d really like something to replace the broken dresser I bought to hold Gianna’s clothes so I’ll be watching it.  I’d probably paint it white and replace the hardware.  They’re also trying to sell the matching long dresser but it’s not quite as pretty in long form as it is in tall form.

I’ve been eyeing this mirror for a month:IMG_9226

They’re asking $85 for it, marketing it as a “Mid-Century Danish Mirror”.  It’s 33” wide, which at under $100 is a fairly good price for a round mirror this big, especially if the frame is wood as it looks to be.  I’m going to keep watching it because over the dresser in our master it’d be amazing.  :)

The last thing I spotted was this white couch:IMG_9117

And literally, only spots of it can be seen which makes it a great addition to a ‘spotted’ post.  Anyone need a new couch?  Maybe they’d throw in all the stuff?  I’m eyeing that toilet seat thing, top right.


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