Slow Moooovin’

Well hey there!  *she waves*

I wish I was popping in today to show you our latest and possibly greatest diy feat of all time but N O.  That idea is laughable at the moment.

What’s also laughable AND cryable is this moving-in thing we still have happening over here.  I never imagined it would take me this long to get us unpacked and settled but yet, here we are, still not settled and still not completely unpacked.  All of that is due to the fact that we moved from a bigger house to a smaller house and I’m still trying to figure out what actually has a place here and what we need to bid adieu.  It’s been quite the experience, one that’s perfect to go through during Lent, lemme tell ya.

In this whole process, I’ve learned how much we don’t need to survive.  We are far from hoarders but we are a family of six that’s accumulated a lot of stuff in the past several years.  I mean, we had two sets of measuring cups.  Why?  So that if one set was dirty, I had another set I could go forth and cook with.  Ha!  Jokes on me though because these little kitchen drawers can’t handle two sets so we donated one and guess what?  If I need the 1/2 cup and it’s dirty from last night, I have to wash it.  Oh the hardship.  ;)

I’ve really had to learn to let go.  Our attic space in this house is teeny tiny and only things that can fit through the 2 x 2 foot access hole can go up there.  That means that I need to majorly purge the kids too-small clothes.  The twins had loads and loads of clothes up through their second year of life which is great for Gianna but now that stuff is just taking up space.  I’ve already given lots away and even sold a few things but there is still too much.  So, last weekend I went through it all, saved about seven special pieces, and am parting with the rest.


Luckily, I have a few friends who have just had sweet baby girls so they’ll get some packages and then the rest is going to a crisis pregnancy center here to help those sweet, struggling mamas.  It’s so good but so hard.  Each little outfit has a memory attached to it so it’s hard to let go, ya know?  Once again though, Lent.  It’ll getcha.  It’s hard to let go to vices, habits, little self-indulgences…but so good to remember that true freedom and true value is in Jesus Christ and we need nothing else.

This little house is set to make this the worst (read:  best) Lent I’ve ever had.  I’m equal parts terrified and excited.  Terrified because I still have about ten boxes to go through and I know that half of that stuff will have to be passed on.  But I’m excited because Easter is coming and we’ll be much lighter, belongings-wise, than we started and I think that’ll be a good feeling (I think…I’m still working through it…haha!)

So, please bear with me if the blog is a little quite in the coming few weeks.  It’s because I’m plugging away at this…    IMG_7181

…all with Gianna ever on my hip and while keeping to our regularly-scheduled, daily programming as much as we can.  For my own delight and your enjoyment, I should have a paint brush in my hand hopefully before all those pretty flowers we’re seeing here give way to glorious green leaves.  Fingers crossed 

.           .           .

If you’re in the mood, I need some storage ideas!  We’ve gotten on the over-the-door train (one I never thought I’d ride) and pretty much every door in the house is going to have some sort of storage on it.  I’m still struggling with how to store my craft supplies and fabric (so.much.fabric) and how to work our small closets to get the max capacity out of ‘em.  I’m 99% sure we’re going to hang our pots and pans on a pot rail but I have no clue what kind to get.  Any recommendations?  No piece of storage advice will be turned away here!  I’m all ears!


  1. I don't know if this would work space-wise in your kitchen, but we have all our sheet pans + flat kitchen items stored in a wicker hamper. I saw the idea in an Ina Garten cookbook, so I feel less weird having a hamper in our kitchen. ;)

    1. Huh! That's a great idea actually! I don't know if there's floor space in our kitchen but there's a small space of wall that that might work on! Thanks Lisa!!!