Doors ‘O Color

Well, I guess the fact that this post is up is proof that we survived our move.  Hi.  Yep.  We’re alive and living in another house.  But what it’s not proof of is the fact that moving after you’re already moved with kids once is NOT easier.  We are still living amongst boxes (being almost a week into the actual move) and let me tell you, that is hard…for me.  I thrive in organized environments (even if they’re a little messy), where everything has a place.  Clutter drives me crazy (unless it’s out of sight…hello all those extra picture frames I stockpile in an extra closet…that drives Anthony crazy…hehe).  Anyway, while I’m busy doing the box + razor blade dance, let me divert your attention from our chaotic, unorganized casa to Crystal’s beautiful house:corg

She wrote me a few weeks ago asking for input on a front door color and so I whipped up a few color scenarios for her.  I don’t know about you, but it’s always easier to make a decision when I have a visual (I just used and placed two colored squares right over her existing front door using the shape tool).

First up, the one I think we both liked the best, classic red:c3

Then, happy yellow:c1

And last, minty green:c4
I also tried black but it made her house look a little too “Adam’s Family-ish”.  Of course a muted royal blue might also look snazzy or even hunter green.  Since her brick is a pretty neutral color as well as her shutters, she can almost get away with any color on her front door.

I took her house one step further though and added a black garage door with the red door and I think it might be my favorite look of all.  c2

Isn’t paint a beautiful thing?  It can make such a huge impact for not a whole lot of cash.  I can’t wait to revel in that fact in this little casa.  But first, boxes.  *sigh*

.           .           .

Thanks for letting me share your pretty home with the internet Crystal!


  1. I love the minty green! Her home is beautiful!!

  2. I like the minty green too—but they're all beautiful!

  3. I vote for minty green, too!