Ripped Off

Hey y’all!  I have been spending all of my allocated blogging time (which translates to post bedtime once in awhile) fixing all of the links on my Projects & Ideas page!  I haven’t changed anything…just fixed the links after a technological error and user agreement change on behalf of Photobucket (don’t ever use them Baring teeth smile), but it has taken me hours and hours here and there to get them all up and running again.  Phew!  I still have a few to fix and they’ll eventually find their conclusion but I wanted to pop in quick with a tiny story and tutorial before I get back at the virtual housekeeping.  :)

I’ve been trying to up my collection of dresses recently, on a budget of course, and so you can imagine my delight when I found this shift at Dirt Cheap for $10:  IMG_6856
It adds a little pizzazz to my winter white skin and ashy knees, doesn’t it?  And the pink elastic around my wrist set for Phia’s noggin’ was the perfect accessory.  Clearly, I was made to be a fashion blogger.  A n y w a y, the dress hails originally from Target (the brand is A New Day) but it doesn’t look like they sell it there anymore.  If you likey too, you can find it here on Blinq (for $10!…though I’ve never shopped there before) and I found some ‘used’ on Poshmark but they’re almost retail price.  #dumb

Well, all was great until I slipped mine on for church one morning and noticed a big rip…right in front. 





To make matters worse, the rip wasn’t on a seam.  It was close…but not quite.  :(  Had it been on a seam, I could’ve whipped out my machine and shut it up lightening fast.  But nope, the fabric itself was ripped and bound to get worse lest I take action pronto.


So, I pulled out a black iron-on patch* and cut out a piece just large enough to cover the rip and then some.
Shiny side to the fabric…very important.IMG_6484
After making sure all of the stray threads coming from the rip were cut or pulled to the inside of the dress, I ironed on the patch per the patch package instructions.IMG_6485

And all was, once again, well in the world.

It’s not perfect but I guarantee you that I’m the only one who knows it’s there, well, besides you of course.  ;)IMG_6487
I was going to throw a little fashion show for you, me, and the kids but I got cold feet (literally, it was freezing outside) and decided maybe I’d just let that one go.  (Our full-length mirror just isn’t cool enough inside and the indoor lighting is a tad to tricky to manipulate for my five-year old photog.)  One option was pairing it with my fun mustard tights…I don’t know if I’d ever leave the house with the two together (mainly because Anthony would have a faux-pauxtack) but it was still fun and my white legs appreciated the added color.  :)IMG_6853

So there.  I told you.  A tiny story and tiny tutorial.  Aren’t you glad you know how to fix a rip now? 

You know you are.


.           .           .

*affiliate link included in post


  1. I really like the dress paired with the mustard tights.

  2. I love the tights with the dress!

    1. Yay! I need to show Anthony these good comments about the tights shortly after I walk out in them... ;)

  3. I bought this dress on Poshmark after seeing your post because I loved it so much. If they don't have affiliate links for Poshmark they should get them. :) Love it with the tights!

    1. Awesome Mandolyn! You're going to love it! Affiliate's nice when there are but I'm really just glad I could find some since Target isn't selling them anymore!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Leslie!!! I knew I wasn't wrong about them. Next time you see me wearing this whole thing, you'll have to comment to Anthony how fantastic my tights are. Haha! ;)