Gianna – One Month

There’s another baby around which means that there’s a whole ‘nother round of monthly pictures to be taken.  Gianna gets to wave her white flag every month even though it’s really my white flag if we’re being honest – I don’t rule the roost around here.  She does.  My white flag is high and dry.  All you parents of newborns, you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?  ;)

Anyway, here’s our one-monther:

And because some friends gave us some monthly belly stickers, she’s actually getting two monthly photo shoots.  I’m crazy, I know.  But, this is my kind of fun and I’ll have it.  :D

(PS, to make the flag I used some white fabric I had laying around.  I cut it to the size I wanted the flag to be but double the width, folded it in half, and used some iron-on hem tape to secure the fold, leaving just a smidge un-ironed along the fold so that I had a pocket I could slip a wood dowel into.  Along the edge I glued a strand of pom-poms I had.  Then I just used to put the ‘1 month’ on.  The quilt was given to us by a friend who made it long ago and the headband I made when the twins were wee babes.) 

So far, at one month young, Gianna’s given us our fair share of eventful with a 911 call at three weeks of age because we thought she had aspirated milk and was choking (turns out it was just a bad acid reflux episode) and nighttime fussiness but she is the best sleeper we’ve had so far.  I won’t go into all the details of her life so as not to bore you but we love our sweet little chick and we think she loves us too, at least her awkward beginning smiles in our direction seem to make that a true statement.

.           .           .

For kicks, let’s waltz down memory boulevard to one-month old Sebastian:seb1month

…and the one-month old Seraphia and Cecilia:aug62012 004_thumb[1]

If you notice one thing in all of these, hopefully it’s that our kids all look alike when they’re tiny (and when they’re big) and that taking pictures in ample amounts of light makes for much better photography.  :)


  1. What beautiful babies all around! Our littlest rules the roost around our house as well. Fortunately she's a sweet boss. :)

    1. Whoever came up with the phrase "dynamite comes in small packages" was obviously ruled by a baby too. ;) Praise God for sweet bosses...and dynamite.