Bean Refashioning: Sweater Dress

Once a month our local Goodwills have a 10 for $10 day where you can get 10 articles of clothing for $10 (the catch is that you have to buy 10 items or no tamale but luckily, it’s all clothing so you can get something for the whole family to get your entire 10).  I never usually go just because they always happen to be on days that Anthony isn’t home to watch the kids and bringing kids to hunt through racks of clothing to find 10 items is the equivalent of pulling out 10 teeth to me…you can’t even fool me once on that one.  But, this past 10-for-10 day, he was home and so I went to a store close to our house shortly after it opened.  Aaaaand I’ll never do that again.  Why?  It was crazy!  People were all over the place grabbing stacks of clothes and then sorting through what they wanted over in the furniture section.  There were mountains of clothes piled atop every flat surface over there with their potential owners just sifting through (and then leaving what they didn’t want in piles for the employees to put away…don’t even get me started on that).  Not worth the crazy to me.  I’ll just go on my usual Sunday’s when a certain color of tag is $1. 

Anyway, I regress with semi-traumatizing flashbacks.  So, this past time I went, I managed to grab 10 items of clothing all for myself.  Three of those things were super-nice Ann Taylor Loft items I ended up selling so seven are in my wardrobe.

This sweater dress (tunic on spider legs here) was one of them:IMG_7652(Apparently I was in such a hurry to grab a ‘before’ that I forgot to straighten it over the bell…classy.)

It was an ‘eh, what the heck’ purchase that I didn’t know if I’d really wear or just end up selling but either way, it came home with me for one buck.

I don’t have a super-curvy figure (jealous of those of you who do) so sweater dresses aren’t usually my kind of party, but I thought maybe pregnancy would make it work.  The one thing that bothered me about it though, was that little stitch right at the bust.  I didn’t like it.  So, I took it out.  I grabbed my seam ripper* (everyone should have one of these!) and carefully picked out the thread holding that little pucker together.


Easy peasy.

I’m still on the fence as to whether I like it on me or not and, after looking at these after pictures a thousand times, I’m thinking next time I’ll ditch the military jacket for a thin cardigan because, whoa, it’s a little top-heavy.PicMonkey Collagemilitary jacket:  hand-me-down (refashioned) – $0
sweater dress:  Goodwill – $1
tights:  Dirt Cheap – $.75
booties:  Goodwill – $8
scarf:  Dirt Cheap – $1
necklace:  hand-me-down from mi madre – $0
grand total:  $10.75

I’ll be back with a couple more refashions this week, including the military jacket. 

Be on guard.

.           .           .

sweater dress

*affiliate link to product I purchased


  1. Looks good.
    I'd be interested to hear how you sold some of the clothes.

    1. Thanks Laura! I sell my clothes a couple of ways - online resale groups mainly and sometimes eBay. I don't sell clothes that often but I've found the resale groups to be the easiest. I'm a part of some local ones on Facebook and on Those two have zero fees so all you really pay for is gas to get you to where you meet people who are buying. I only use eBay for stuff I know I can get more for but their fees are 10%. I really need to do a whole closet/house purge so I was thinking of starting an Instagram feed for all that but have no clue about the technicalities behind it so we'll see. :)

  2. No, don't lose the jacket-- it looks so completely adorable! I'm super jeal that our goodwill doesn't do a 10 for 10, although it does sound so crazy, so I'd probably opt not to anyways. Seriously, you are too cute!

  3. Lawdy, lady!! That one little thread really does everything!! It's a gift to be able to envision tge finished product, especially in the "tear-up-the-store" chaos of your shopping trip. In my best Southern.., "ya done good, honey!!" ;)

    1. Oh good! I'm glad you think so Christybecause, while I was posting I was thinking how idiotic I must look to be posting a refashion where all I did was pull out a string. Haha! Silly me.

  4. Nonsense;) That's what makes you a henius, honey!!

  5. And me not. Because I clearly cant even spell:/ "ahem" >>> Genius.

    1. Haha! So my first thought when I read your comment about being a 'henius' is, "what the heck does that Christy is talking with smart words I've never heard of". And then I read your next comment and I laughed out loud. Thanks for that. My abs are in need of many a workout so it was good to get one in the books. ;)