Bean Refashioning: Ruched Tunic

I’m back with another $1 thrift find! (Read the backstory in Monday’s post.)

I was really excited about this tunic:
IMG_7651I thought it’d be perfect for spring with this growing belly and since it’s a size larger than I normally wear and a loose fit to boot, it will hopefully fit up until b-day (and then post-post-post-pregnancy maybe I can take it in a tad).  Also, I’m a sucker for pieces that have a little bit of unexpected or added detail and so this one was right up my detail-loving alley with the side and front ruching/gathering…only after I put it on, that front gather didn’t sit well with me.  It was kinda awkward.  If the tunic were a little longer on me, it probably would’ve been fun but it just hit me weird.

So, away it went.  No sewing necessary with this one, just like Monday’s sweater dress.  All I had to do was rip out the threads holding that ruching together in front using my handy-dandy seam ripper.
IMG_2859It probably took me ten minutes to get all the thread out and that was going pretty slow, making sure I only grabbed the thread and not the tunic so as not to make any holes.

When I had all the thread out, this is what I had going on:IMG_2860
A quick spray with some water and an ironing had it looking like the ruching had never been there.


IMG_7671(Kinda random but I keep trying to figure out what that raised line to the right of my popped belly button is and my only guess is that it’s part of little lady’s leg or (rather large) foot?  She’s head down so that’s the only thing that makes sense since I didn’t swallow a whole hot dog for lunch that day.  So weird.  Guess she wanted to make an appearance…)

In the South, you go bold with colors if you want to look like you’ve been here your whole life so these bright purple leggings/tights were the obvious choice.  ;)

IMG_7674tunic:  Goodwill – $1
jean vest:  Target – $7 (clearance find)
tights:  Dirt Cheap – $.75
necklace:  no clue/had it forever
purple pointies:  Gabriel Bros. – $1
grand total:  $9.75 (not including the necklace)

See the side detail? 


I lawv it.

Without those side gathers, I could probably get away with wearing Electric Blue here as a dress but I love them too much to take them out so tunic it shall be forever and ever.

I also tried a belt ‘round the waist upper belly but I wasn’t sure if it made it look like I had one big, blue oval going on in the middle of my person so sans belt might be a better choice for a second colorful outfit:
tunic2scarf:  Dirt Cheap – $1 (originally from Target)
belt/whip?:  JCPenney (came with another top) – we’ll just say $.75 since the top cost me $4 on clearance
tights:  Dirt Cheap – $.75
booties:  eBay* (I got the Tan (FV) and psst, they’re having a BOGO 50% off sale right now!) – $25
grand total:  $27.50

It works really well with my favorite pleather leggings too which is great since these tights probably won’t work for much longer (they’re non-maternity and I tried rolling them under the belly but they’re pretty restricting even so). 

I’m not huge on or good at capsule wardrobes but, if I was, this would be in mine. 

.           .           . 

easy tunic update

*affiliate link to products I purchased – purchasing through my link won’t raise your price one penny but it will give me a few pennies in commission to probably buy some spray paint with…  :)

Quick heads up – I updated the virtual Target clearance rack in the sidebar under ‘affiliates’!  All of those items are under $10 on clearance right now and they were all hand-picked by yours truly.  Target didn’t ask me to post them but I will get a small commission if you click and/or purchase from those links.  Really though, I love rifling through Target’s clearance racks and a ton of the clothes I own are from those racks so I enjoy being able to bring the racks to you too!


  1. Definitely! That ruching was like here I am in the worst spot, lol! Good call. Much better! ;) You have such a gift!

  2. Love that top! And love that bitty baby leg popping through too! :)

    1. Thanks Ashley! The baby leg still has me stumped! I mean, I really don't know what else it could be! Haha!

  3. You are the CUTEST preggo in the history of human reproduction. It's official.