The $22.95 Outfit(s)

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A dream post of mine is to hit up a thrift store or two and take pictures of all the things I see that have potential to be great!  Furniture, decor, linens, lighting, clothes, and shoes…they’d all qualify.  It’d kinda be like a glance into my brain upon walking through a thrift store door.  But, I haven’t gotten around to it yet because I definitely can’t do it with the kids in tow and when I do get out of the house, I’m usually running to the grocery store or to hang out with friends.  But, I did go to a couple of our local Goodwill’s in the past week so that I could participate in their Spring Fashion Challenge.  (Read more about it here.)  I always find pieces of outfits when I stroll their aisles but I don’t think I’ve ever found an entire outfit…until now.

I went out last Sunday afternoon while Anthony was home with the kids and spent about an hour in the Goodwill closest to my house where I found the dress/skirt, the crop top, and the capiz necklace.  The crop top is the same color as the dress (even though it looks a smidge more neon in pictures) and is a couple of sizes bigger than my norm so I was planning on taking it in but then ended up liking the looser look over the skirt.  I went into the store that day figuring I’d have to do some sort of altering to whatever I bought, so I was surprised to have found everything without having to pull out my machine!  It is possible!

The dress is my size and has a ruched, elastic top to make it the strapless dress it is but that elastic made a great waist-line too!  It hit me at an awkward length as a dress though so I just knotted the end to disguise the awkwardness. I found the hat and shoes at other Goodwill's.  The hat is just your average wide-brimmed hat but I couldn’t resist the black and white.  It had one loose strand that I glued and now it’s good to go.        gesfashionchallenge (69)

The shoes are leather-soled and have one wide, beaded strap on top, a burlap strap behind the ankle, and thin leather straps that tie around the ankles.
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I think I’ll switch out the straps for some wider ones later on but for now, they’re great and really comfortable.  Oh yeah, did I mention that they’re a size 6.5?  That would usually be a moot point except that I wear a size 7.5!  Moral of that story (and of the crop top), don’t just thrift within your own size!

I might’ve taken one-too-many pictures during naptime one day this week…
goodwill fashion challenge
…but I blame it on the hat.  There’s something fun about seeing how many ways you can work the hat.  ;)

Anthony told me the whole outfit reminds him of Downton Abbey.  At first I was like “wuttheheck?” but then…
[image from here]
…maybe baby.  Just maybe.  He did preface that by saying he liked my outfit though so the reference had the best of intentions backing it.

Anyway, if you’re down with what I found and if you have a few extra seconds, you can “like” my photo on Goodwill’s Facebook page or on Instagram!  There are prizes for the most likes!  :)

So, all you thrifters out there, what have you found recently?  I swooned over Mandolyn’s recent find…and the rest of her closet is amazing too!  If you need a little inspiration, look to Ana and go grab yourself some thrifted sweatpants and a dress/long shirt and whip up a new skirt!

The sky’s the limit!   
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  1. Such a great look, Sheena! I would've never thought to pair that dress + that top- I love it!