Made by Kely & Dave

I don’t have many issues with the diy/interior design blogosphere…usually.  One issue I do have and have often though (and one huge reason why I blog), is seeing these beautiful rooms and then finding out that hundreds, and many times, thousands of dollars went into the before to make it the after.  While that’s all great and grand, it leaves budgeting folk like me hanging.  I mean, I have lots of before’s I’d love to stamp after’s but I definitely don’t have hundreds much less thousands of dollars to do so.

That’s why I love love love so very very much when I see beautiful rooms made beautiful on a dime (or a few…but you get my point).  It’s also why I tried not to sound too please-please-please when I asked my college friend Kely if I could share her recent makeover on the blog.  She and her husband, Dave, recently redid their daughters’ room for their eldest’s birthday and they did it on a budget…and it’s gorgeous!

On. A. Budget.  You can pick your jaw up off the table/floor now.

Here’s what the room looked like before:
Maybe you could argue that it had a ombre vibe going with the light blue paint meets blue sponge paint meets blue carpet but maybe you’d be arguing from the 1990’s.  Painting the walls was an easy and cheap update but swapping out that blue carpet was out of the question so Kely and Dave just worked with it; incorporating it into the room to make it feel like it belonged by adding some other, more 2015-ish blue accents.


And let’s talk about what I think might be my favorite part, the chandelier!  This is the boring fixture that was:11136886_827940195500_1363965512_n

But Kely spray painted a chandelier, up it went, and boom!  Amazing!


They also painted the long dresser and hung a gallery wall of sweet little frames over it. 11210083_833186691480_1283506594_n
Inside the frames are pieces of the blue fabric that Kely used in making the bed pillows…yes, she did.  She sewed the pillow covers and curtains.  She’s good.


Their daughter loves Edgar Degas’ work so one of his prints went up on the wall opposite the beds.11225773_833507308960_1836043015_n



Are you as amazed as me?  Seriously, I couldn’t stop looking at the after pictures when she sent them to me.  Beauty can be attained on a budget and here is some serious proof!

Let’s take a gander one more time because it’s just that good.kelyanddave


*heart-eyed emoji*



  1. SHEENA! You took zero credit here! Don't be deceived blog world, Sheena gave me EVERY idea for this room, right down to what colors to use to minimize the robin's egg blue carpet! The chandelier, picture frames, curtain and pillow colors were ALL from Sheena. I had zero original ideas when doing her room! Thank you Sheena! ~Kely

  2. It's beautiful! Before reading, I was very confused at how suddenly your toddler bed setup from the previous post turned into a big girl room. Now it makes sense, lol.