Shut the Front Door…Literally

Because it’s looking a tad different these days.  The last time we left off in the entry way it looked like this:
[It’s (not) funny that I started working on the entry way in an attempt to work on one room until it was “finished” before I started on another.  Well, I started nine months ago.  Either I’m really, really slow these days, which is a huge possibility because of the kids, or I’m just really bad at sticking around in one place.  Or maybe both…]

You might also remember that I painted the outside of the door a bright reddish-orange (Red Hot by Behr):

Well we loved the color it added to the entry when it was open so I just took a dip in the leftover paint and painted the inside too.

Before I started painting, I removed the roman shade and filled in the holes left by its hardware with some spackle (the door is steel so the filled in holes don’t look perfect but unless you knew they were there, you probably wouldn’t notice them).  Then I taped off the windows and hardware and painted away.
photo (10) 
I didn’t prime first because I was just painting over the existing paint but I did sand it down a teensy bit.

The roman shade (tutorial here) is gone for good because it clashed with the red on the door.  My plan is to sew up a rectangle of fabric that can be attached to the door at night with some magnetic hooks we have.  It seems an easy project but I’m stuck on whether I want solid or patterned fabric.  The windows are pretty small and so it might seem that they might not need to be covered at all but when you’re standing at the front door, it’s not hard to peek inside and we like our privacy, so cover them at night we will.  Until I decide and execute the fabric rectangle plan, we’ve been using a white trash bag.
You never thought I’d stoop that low, did you?  ;)  Oh but I did and you can bet your bottom dollar that thing is off and out of sight when company is here because…uh, embarrassing!  ;)

The plan now is to paint the walls white in here and add a colorful something to the small empty wall to the left of the door.  I already have the white paint; it’s just a matter of when I’ll have a chance to slap it up. 

The entry way has come a long way since its brown days, no?
entry blog 
And all for under $100! 

I’m itchin’ to see white walls in there but right now my sole focus is Christmas!  I’ve been decorating more than I ever have in years prior because the girls finally have a slight grasp on what’s going on and it makes it so much more fun!  This year I’m making us all stockings and I can’t wait to share!  We also sold our old seven foot tree and bought a new (to us) nine footer!  It’s been fun decorating it!  How are you coming with Christmas decorations?  Do you decorate a lot or a little?  I pulled the kids’ plastic manger scene out of the attic last night and it’s become the new favorite toy, causing lots of giggles and lots of fighting, pushing, and tug-of-warring over the “amals” (animals).  Such a$$es… ;)


  1. Love the pop of color! So fun and cheerful... our house had a nice front door already, but I do wish we could paint it a fun color, too.

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  3. Okay, trying again. I needed an edit button with my typos, lol! Love the paint on the inside as well. Looks wonderful! I, too, used a fun bright color (blue) for the front door. Debated on doing the inside, too, to get rid of the boring white, but in the meantime did another lighter blue on the upperpart of the hallway which surrounds the front door. Thought the shades would clash. Still thinking of what to do about it. In the meantime, between the blue on the hallway walls and the fun colorful floral rug in the entryway, it's not too bland. ;) For Christmas decorations, we did it right after Thanksgiving. There are a few touches in the hallway bath and guest bedroom, but most are in the living room and a bit in the dining room. We don't go too crazy since it's just the hubby and I. Maybe when the grandkids come along?! I used ribbon on the tree for the first time. Didn't do the spiraling down affect, but wrapped it around. Wow, that was some work to get it looking just right, but I have to say, I do love it!

    1. I forgot to add, what about frosting the glass? This way you still have the light come in, but you would have your privacy. Just a thought...

    2. Ahh!! I think I dreamt that I responded to you Lisa and I looked today and realized I never did! Sorry! I love that you take your decorating to places outside of just where the tree is! Someday I'll get that far! On the frosting the glass idea, part of the glass is already frosted on the doors so it's only a little sliver that's clear. The frosting is a textured something or other and so I don't think frosting it with a simple frost technique from Lowe's or Home Depot would look very'd be two different frostings. :/

  4. W-o-w! LOVE it!
    That red is gorgeous and looks so great in your entryway! Look at you, being all bold and sassy.