Sebastian: 11 Months

In all my years, this one has flown by the fastest I think.  Maybe it’s because with the birth of Sebastian left my sleep-filled nights and while they returned for a very brief stint a couple of months ago, they’re now just a memory.  And we all know that with lack of sleep comes days that seem to float by and weeks that seem to meld together and months that suddenly are gone and “wait, where did January go?  Oh yeah, I’ve been as good as sleep-walking since then.”  Okay, so maybe that’s a gross exaggeration and I really don’t flit through my days carelessly and aimlessly but it’s the only excuse I can think of to explain the passing year. 

I think about time passing quickly a lot but recently whipping up Seb’s 11 month tie really made the thought count.11 mo (2)blog

That cute kid’s gonna be ONE next month!  Like, whoa!

I’ll release all my emotion and thoughts on his past year next month but until then, let’s take a walk down Last Month Lane.  (I stole all these pics from Instagram so I apologize if you’re seeing them twice!)

Swing, meet Sebastian.  Sebastian, meet swing.  I don’t know why it took me this long to take all three kids outside together by myself but it did.  It was only this past month that I braved the backyard alone with them and was smart enough to sit Seb in the swing, which he LOVED, and which allowed me to watch the girls without having an extra 20 lbs. in my arms.  In my defense though, I guess the heat plus all the blood-sucking skeeters were good excuses to stay indoors but you can bet your bootie we’ve been out lots since this first time. photo 1 (20)


All I have to say about this one is, a plaid onesie?  #gimmealltheplaidonesiesphoto 2 (13)

I got Sebastian fully dressed this day and zero other people in the house were.  Not really an important detail to explain the photo but, just saying.  I just loved how he went from cute young gun to old man within the two seconds it took to set him in that teeny rocker.  And then within two seconds of being set in the rocker he would fall forward out of it…not his thing.  It’s swinging, not rocking, apparently, that rocks his world. photo 2 (21)


We’re borrowing this triple threat from a friend and this particular excursion was our second using it.  I was exceptionally exhausted that day thanks to the main character of this post so I let muscles do all the pushing.  It was, after all, the day after Thanksgiving and even though he can eat and eat and eat and eat and not show it, I considered it a selfless act of love; letting Anthony work off all those new calories.  ;)photo 4 (7)


And after the walk we parked the stroller in the front yard and it served as stadium seating for this guy to watch yard work being done.  His cute face totally redeemed him for the havoc he wraught the night before, so naturally I took a picture so that it could redeem him the next night, and the next night, and the next night…photo 5 (3)

Well that was last week and now I think I need to print it out and tape it to his door so I see it through my groggy eyes every time I have to walk in.  :)

I love you my son.  :)


  1. 11 months already? How is that possible?! I feel like he was just born yesterday.

    1. I know!!! The labor seems like it was forever ago but the big belly was yesterday, I swear!

  2. Mine is 11 1/2 months and is not sleeping AT ALL. I'm telling myself it's all due to the 4 teeth she got within a matter of 3 weeks, and that she will start sleeping again really soon. Right?

    1. Right. :) Teething is so fun...for them and us.