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It’s Tuesday here and it’s Tuesday there.  We’re not having a particularly exciting one but I hope you are.  In case you need to kick yours up a notch though, here are a few things that might help get you there:

I shared a peek at the rug I finally finished in the entry way!  I’m going snap some better pictures and work on a detailed tutorial that will hopefully catch you before the end of the week, but until then you can check it out on Instagram or Facebook.

Sebastian turned the ripe young age of five months last week!  I’m in love with his thunder thighs (well, compared to the girls chicken legs), his gurgles and giggles, the way his eyes follow my every move, and everything else.  Chances are he’ll be sitting on his own during next months photo op.  :)


And speaking of Sebastian and his monthly photos, my friend Danielle sent me a link to this --
that now has me wondering if I’m scarring him for life…or setting myself up for future mom ridicule.  Oh boy.

Olivia had her sweet baby boy and while she’s coddling him I whipped up a little screen-printing DIY + tutorial over at her blog, To The Heights.
Go over and check it out!

My sister introduced me to the talented Oana Befort and her free iPhone calendar (for your desktop and iPad too!)  I upload one to my phone’s lock screen and it takes all the guesswork out of figuring out the day (and sometimes the month…it’s like crazy ‘round here…don’t judge) for this busy madre.

Bows come along with the territory when you have girls and I love to make my own (tutorials here and here) but if I didn’t and/or if I had unlimited funds I’d buy them from Bub + Bug Studio – her glitter bows are amazing! and Olivia James Headbands – the elastics she uses are gorg!

I don’t own a kimono but I will soon after I take a note out of Anna’s book and DIY one.  See her awesome tutorial here and whip of one of your very own!

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  1. But seriously, I think that awkward photo takes the cake of all awkward photos. Total awesomeness.

    Love the aviator onesie!!