About a Door

Once upon a time there was a little flame burning inside me that made me really want to paint our front door.  Then our bestest friends Dan and Lauren painted theirs and it looked so awesome and so cheery and it fanned that flame into a roaring fire.  Except Anthony kept sprinkling drops of water on that fire because “There are too many other things we need to do first”, and “Eh, I don’t know”.  He was right.  There were a ton of things we had on our mile long to-do list that were way more important than our front door, which was navy by the way.  Not a bad color at all.  In fact, when we first bought this house I adored it with the green siding.  But then there were brighter, cheerier grasses on the other side that I was drawn to too (not to mention that the navy paint job was bubbling in a few areas).  So, when Anthony gave the go-ahead (or did I just make that up), I went for it.  I’m not quite finished with it yet…what I thought would be one or two coats is nearing five…so I’ll just share the thought process on choosing a color today in hopes that the door will be finito before the end of the week.

Here’s what it looked like before:
[Picture quality:  Sharp as a dull tack.]

And then I had a little fun in Pixlr making a few (very bad, I know) mock-ups of a few colors I had in mind.  Which one do you think looks best?

Pale blue?

A subtle charcoal gray?

Bright cobalt?

A reddish-orange?
Or cheery yellow?

Which one do you think we chose?  I’ll give you zero hints and tell you it’s the color I’ve been wanting to paint the door since the idea popped into my head.  I had to be sure and test out a few other color choices but this one hit the jackpot…and the front door last weekend.  Stay tuned. 

P.S.  Ten points for a correct guess.  :)


  1. Hmmm...yellow? I was doing this exact same thing in Photoshop yesterday!!
    I have wanted to paint our front door too. It is just too boring and blends in with the rest of the house. I had the same reaction from my hubby...I think I can eventually bring him around to the idea, but I need to figure out the color so that when that happens I can jump on it real fast. : )

  2. I saw a house the other day that had a BRIGHT yellow door. Kind of an orangish-yellow. I LOVED it!!! It really popped on the front of the house. So I am going with yellow.

  3. I vote yellow too. I vote yellow though because I just painted our porch door a bright, cheerful yellow and my husband is still on the fence about it, so I want yellow door reinforcements!!! ;)

    1. Mandolyn! I thought about you while I was painting and meant to take a picture mirroring your door painting picture but then I got side-tracked (like usual) and didn't...but I should've. Oh and btw, I'm dying to see your door! Pictures please!

  4. Ok I'm going to say reddish-orange. But I really like the yellow and charcoal grey too :)

  5. I think most men (not all) tend to be on the conservative side. If I waited for my hubby's approval on everything, I wouldn't have been able to make most of the decor choices I have. He, usually ends up liking what I do w/one or two exceptions, so it's all good. If he absolutely hated something then I'd rethink. I was going to say orange, but then I saw the yellow, so that's my vote. Can't wait to see what you chose.

  6. Call me a lame-o, but I like the gray. But I like gray everything soo.. (I have been on a quest for the perfect shade of gray for our main living areas, which my husband counters with 'so cheery, much happy, wow gray'. So, apparently I'm a gray-a-holic)

  7. Aside from all things home-y, you have a talent for writing! This was one of my fave posts to read...just thought you worded everything wittily! I can't wait to see that cheery door on the blog!