Potty Training: Day Uno

Well, we started the day off with a bang…rather, the twins did.  I’m guessing they were uber excited after the last ditch effort to infuse toilet knowledge into their noggins…

…because at 4 am Cecilia wanted out of her confines.  We let her whine it out, which she did until around 6, when I finally went in to find both her and her sister awake and in the most miserable moods (they usually sleep until 8).  And, even though we’re no pros and very much first-timers, we thought about it and made the executive decision to delay the training until after the girls first nap when rosy cheeks and dispositions were a lot more likely and therefore, a couple of doses of semi-cooperation in making friends with the toilet (the initial plan was to start after breakfast).

Naptime came and went and we started the process around 11ish and it’s been accident after accident ever since.  I’m not going to go much into the process because I don’t want to rob Lora of monetary support but let’s just say I thought maybe I’d be able to tell a tad if one girl or the other was about to let go.  Nope, nada, your guess is as good as mine.  The best way to describe to you the difference in the girls expressions when they’re about to pee vs. not about to pee is that it’s the same difference in expression they’d have as a miniscule gnat wizzed three feet above their head vs. no gnat.  No help whatsoever. 

Needless to say, we’ve got the rewards at our sides, ready to be doled out…waiting, waiting, waiting…
Nary a lid has been twisted yet but I’ll let you guess which have been longingly touched and untouched for the sake of patience and bedtime (cough-the alcohol-cough).

I’ll let you know how the rest of the day fares in the rest of this story tonight.  At this moment, I’m perched with the laptop atop my legs outside the girls door as they take a second nap, waiting for a wimpering beg for the bathroom.  I’m hoping and waiting for a cue but most likely I’ll go in after the deeds been done with a clean sheet and out with a wet one…

>>> Six Hours Later <<<

Well.  I suppose the stats will give you the best glimpse into how day one of potty training two kids at once went.

Number of sheets washed:  2 (there will more than likely be more as the night rolls forward)
Number of wee undies soiled:  36
Number of M&Ms doled out as rewards:  2
Number of times we told the girls to tell us when they had to ‘go’:  403
Number of sprints to the bathroom holding a flailing, dripping child:  36
Number of sprints to the bathroom holding a flailing child we thought for sure had to release:  25

On a positive note, towards the very end of the day Cecilia started being bothered by having wet undies and I’m calling it a milestone. 

Anyway, you might get the point and if you don’t, lucky you.  I have high hopes that people who live through potty training twins can, afterward, live through anything.

Smirnoff Ice, come to mama.


  1. Sheena, I cannot imagine potty training 2 at once, one has almost killed me each time- you are an amazing rockstar of a woman. Prayers for you during this hellish time!!

  2. I'm embarking on this over the summer, and I'm really not looking forward to it. At all. My daughter drinks like 8 cups of water a day so I have a feeling we'll be living in the bathroom once she's potty trained. The other day she had a rash so I took her diaper off and she did her little toddler yoga pose and peed all over her shirt. She was not pleased, haha.

  3. Really - we did something similarly with Paul and day one was the WORST but every day after got better....will be praying for you - and excellent idea of rarding yourself as well!!

  4. I'm REAALLLLY hoping that cloth diapering really does correlate to sooner/easier potty training. Please please please.

  5. God bless you, my identical twin boys who turned 3 years old on 2/15 are still in diapers. We moved, so I wanted to wait till after the move, then it was Easter...Anyway, I told my husband, next weekend is the weekend. We roll up the rugs, take off the diapers, and get ready for fun. Or "fun," I should say ;)

  6. Prudence and her Potty! LOVED that book when I was little. I think I had it memorized!

    Good luck. We're trying to potty train our 28 month old boy. He sometimes goes, sometimes doesn't, and sometimes sits, and says done right away, then says he wants candy. (he's picked up that he gets candy if he goes - little turkey). But either way he still won't do it consistantly. Our prediatrician told us to just keep trying, and not to push or force him, so I guess that's our method! :)

    1. Yes, Prudence. The only thing I really don't like about that book is that her little potty looks like a pitcher! :)

      Thanks for the well wishes Lindsay! Good luck to you guys too! I keep telling myself, this too shall pass, this too shall pass, and then taking lots and lots (and lotslotslots) of deep breaths.