Potty Training: Day Dos

Let me tell you what I am.  Too physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted to write.  So, hopefully this moment in time fills you in on how potty training went today – day two:

Let’s just say that there are three people here who are at medium to high risk of getting their pants wet.

If you’re interested – Day One.

Pray for us.  Please.


  1. Don't over stress, there has never been a college student who still wore diapers, heck I would guess you couldn't find a 5th grader in pampers.....they dont even come that big:-)
    They will get it when they can and calm parents help (keep that Smirnoff handy)
    Praying for all you!

  2. Sheena, this is so funny. Good luck fighting the good fight!

  3. You might just want to can it for another month or two and then just try again. When I tried to train my kids, if they had accidents all day, they just weren't ready. But it just depends on how ready you are to be on top of it all.day.long.....Good luck! And it does get easier! :)

    1. I think we will. I don't want to wait too long but a month or two sounds perfect. :)

  4. Oh Sheena! This makes me feel bad for texting you & making your tired brain think any more than absolutely necessary! I am so in awe of you & all moms of multiples. But yes, this too shall pass. One foot in front of the other, one breath at a time!