Blue Light

I’m notorious for jumping around rooms, doing projects as I go but something’s gotten into me and after the new gallery wall in the hallway was finished, I moved to the boring light fixture.  I’m sure it’s been here since the house was built (1980’s) and it’s not in the budget to completely scrap it for a brand new one.  So, I painted it (and forgot to take a ‘before’ picture before I did…oops).  It’s a simple little light – just a brushed silver base with a globe underneath.  After scheming, I came up with lots of ideas on ways to rework it by replacing the globe with a homemade capiz chandelier or a small lamp shade…but, eventually I settled on just painting the base.  I’ll be on the hunt the next time I’m thrifting (Lord knows when that’ll be but I’ve put in a request with Anthony to have a thrifting day for my birthday next week) for an old brassy I can jazz up to replace it with but until then, at least it’s lookin’ a little better.

All I did was take off the glass globe and then used a foam brush to prime the metal base (Zinnisser water-based primer in white).  I also made sure to prime the screws that hold in the globe since they’re visible.


Then I grabbed the leftover test pot of paint (Valspar’s Secluded Garden) I used to stamp our kitchen rug and painted the base with the same (cleaned and dried) foam brush, using a small paintbrush around where the base meets the ceiling.

I won’t be devastated if the paint doesn’t hold up but I don’t foresee too many problems since the light isn’t touched minus swapping out bulbs.

It’s a little more fun, no?

Either way, our hallway has traveled a small journey since we first moved in.hallwayba

Next up is painting the cream colored door bell on the left wall.  I’d also love to add a fun geometric runner to cover up the ugly carpet but that’s number 430 on the priority list…however, I’m not sure how that would handle the girls wheeling their toys down the hall.  Anyone have a rug over carpet plus kids that stays put?  Fill me in.

.           .           .

If you have a moment, please, please, please say a prayer or two for the two year-old daughter of our friends.  In the past month they’ve discovered a very large, cancerous tumor in her brain and she’s undergone multiple surgeries with more to come.  Her name is Madison and she’s so beautiful and so sweet.  I can’t imagine the difficulty it is to see your baby suffer at such a young age and my heart is broken for them.  But, they are very faithful and strong and know that God has a plan and it is always the best plan.

Blessed Francis Seelos, pray for us.


  1. I am praying for Madison right now, and will add her intention to ourfamily rosary. Good luck thrifting a light . you love,what a great b day gift. Ihad a friend whohad rugs over carpet that worked, but they were rubber backed bathroom rugs, and probably not what you were thinking of:-)

    1. Thank you so much Julie and tell your family thank you as well! It means a lot to me and a ton to Madison's parents and family I'm sure!

  2. I will say a prayer for Madison. This reminds me to say a prayer of gratitude for my 4 healthy children. Your hallway is looking good. I had a day shopping with just the baby on Saturday and that was a lot of fun. It really is amazing the simple pleasures in life. Enjoy your babies they grow too fast.

    1. Thank you Emma! It is such a good reminder to be thankful for health!

      I'm so jealous of your shopping day!! Sebastian HATES his car seat so I have yet to leave the house for longer than 1.5 hours lest I miss a feeding while he's at home with Daddy. Sometimes I'm tempted to pump a few meals for him just so I can hand it ALLL over and hit the stores for a day solo! Haha! Joking but not really... :)