Five Things You Might Wanna Know

Taking part in the “5 Things” chain, courtesy of Lauren, just in case you didn’t get enough of me in my Liebster facts.  :)

1 – I’m an Irish twin.  My mom was notified at her post-partum exam post-me that she was in fact pregnant with another little nugget, later known as Farrah.  Needless to say, 1983 was a busy year for mom.
irish twins 

2 - I grew up on a farm.  Not just any farm though, a BEEEEEEG farm with 15 times more cows than the population of the town (321, to silence your curiosity) we called our own…no exaggerating.  If anyone told my dad “It smells like sh&!”, he said “It smells like money”.  As long as I didn’t smell like “money”, it didn’t bother me none.

3 – I went to the same school for all twelve years of elementary, middle, and high learning with the same 18 people every year plus and minus a couple newbies once in a great, great while.
8and5 042

4 – After graduating third in my class (impressive if you didn’t read #3), I went on to Franciscan University and started a rap group with two guy friends.  I sang, they rapped - think Black-Eyed Peas-esque.  Our name?  E.O.S., short for End of Silence.  Believe it or not, we were actually pretty popular on campus.   We stepped behind the big, glass window to record our first (and last) album my sophomore year.  Twas a good time, a real good time…chicka chicka, wha?!
8and5 044

5 – I was training for the potty marathon when Anthony was born.  Robbing the cradle?  That’s me.  But for some reason the vivid second grade memory of learning that the average life-span of a male is 73 and of a female is 76 came swarming back one day shortly after we met and somehow it all just made sense…  Two of the cutest little sprouts later, and it still does.  :) 

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  1. you are hilarious! love the picture of your farm, can't believe all of those cows!

  2. hee hee. i just saw you tagged me. i'll give you a high five, but i haven't blogged in a coons age :(

    love your 5 shares!

  3. Oh my laws! Love this! What a rad farm too. :) do your parents still live there?
    I'm older than Dev too. Old ladies for the win, lol. ;)