Bean Sprouts: 8 Months

Eight?!  EIGHT?!!  You can’t be serious!  Our little bean poles are EIGHT months old?  I guess time flies when you’re having/or have had babies (Ana hit the nail on the head with that one)!

8and5 004br
8and5 018br
Milestones, personality traits, what have you, here’s what we know so far:

-After exclusively breastfeeding the girls for their first 5.5 months of life, they now enjoy a wide variety of pureed people food – apples, bananas (an unfortunate source of much constipation), pears, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, avocados, carrots, rice, and oatmeal.  I’m still nursing but we’re down to four to five 10-minute sessions per day, a welcome change from the 7+ I spent doing the same thing during their first few months of life.

 8and5 024b

-We’re still riding the cloth diapering train.  In the beginning, we’ll admit it was a little rough/inconvenient, but know it’s all we know and we’re LOVING the extra $700+ we’ve been able to keep in our bank account because of it.  By the way, I’ll spare you the details but solid food, so much easier to clean off.  Praise God for that.

 8and5 025b

-Both girls are still small for their age width-wise but average to above-average for height.  As you can imagine, this makes for lots of clothing issues.  They’re currently sporting three month dresses as tops and pants as capris, some newborn tops, six month onesies, and six to nine month footed onesies.  It also makes for a he**ish time sorting clothes.  I’ve pretty much given up.

8and5 028b

-Seraphia is chomping down with two teeth with two on the way while her toothless sister looks on in complete admiration and love.

8and5 030b

-Both girls are sitting up unassisted.  Seraphia gets up on hands and knees and rocks and dances the army crawl slowly but pretty well but Cecilia seems content on her butt or belly, until bedtime, when she thinks I’ll let her stay up if she gets up on knees and elbows to practice this thing her sister is so good at…

-Cecilia is still chillin’ every second she can, in case you were wondering.

8and5 031b

-Cecilia still has eating at the top of her list of priorities.  When we feed them people food, we alternate girls – three bites to S, three bites to C.  During Seraphia’s three bites you can be sure Cecilia is letting out a guttural growl in frustration and impatience.  It’s really quite impressive.  I’m not sure yet if I should be worried about this little act or not.  It’s as scary as it is cute.

-They both love getting out of the house which is awesome for this mom.

8and5 032b

-Very saintly sprouts have we when it comes to napping.  Six out of the seven days in every week they nap at the same time and they take two naps a day lasting at least an hour each.  Tons of people ask me how I have time for all this DIY and blogging and well, that’s how.

8and5 034b

-As of three weeks ago and minus a couple of nights in between then and now, the girls have been sleeping around eight hours straight every night.  If it wasn’t Lent I’d let out a big ‘ole A!!&!$^@.  I’m finally sleeping long enough to dream!

8and5 023br

Bonus Video!!! 

If you’ve been following the twins monthlies, you might’ve noticed we’ve had a change in venue.  Monthly photo shoots were taking place on the (still) unfinished loveseat in the living room.  Well, sorry to say but we sold that dadgum thing – unfinished and “as-is” – but we sold it!  It got to the point where it just became a big weight on my shoulders.  Every time I walked past it I thought of all the work still left to do and how I needed Anthony to do all of that and how he’s too busy right now to work on it with me and blah, blah, complaining blah.  So I petitioned Sir Craig and his list just to see if there were any takers and before it was posted even an hour I had at least three interested peeps.  Out the front door it went the next day and now two swings occupy it’s previous spot.  I was super sorry to see it go but super happy about the fact that we picked it up (off a curb) for free and sold it for a profit.  Once the twins no longer are interested in their swings, we’ll probably fill that empty space with a couple of small comfy chairs or a buffet/dresser of some sort.  Time will tell…and so will I, you can be sure of it.  Over-sharing comes with the blogging territory.

Until tomorrow then, we bid you good day!

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  1. They are just the sweetest! I love how tall and lanky they Sophia is a tank! Turns six months tomorrow and is starting to wear 9 month clothing...I can't keep up with her :)