Week In Review

I was hope, hope, hoping to have a project post for y’all this lovely Saturday but the few projects I have started are unfinished (imagine that) and they’re the kind of projects where reading about the before and during is pointless without seeing an after.  So, with that said, I’m blaming this lack on my present state of pregnancy and am going to move on with blogging today and give you a review of my very exciting, fantastically thrilling, super-packed week.

Lounged.  Did a couple of loads of laundry.  Checked Craigslist for a dresser for the twins room – unsuccessful.

Lounged.  Checked Craigslist again – unsuccessful.

Had a Starbucks caramel frapp (with extra caramel) with a good friend.  Yummmm…  Checked Craigslist again – unsuccessful.  However, I did sell a couple of things on Craigslist this week to bring in 105 bucks.  :)

Witnessed an incredible person receive her First Communion, the Sacrament of Confirmation, and the Sacrament of Marriage all in one day.  THEN, went home, lounged, and checked Craigslist again – unsuccessful.

Decided to add to the usual Craigslist stalk by moseying out to a local Goodwill to hunt down a dresser. 

Didn’t find a dresser but did find this BCBG silk shirt:may262012 007
Which, I might add, just fits over the burgeoning belly and probably will for the next two days, at which point it’ll become too short and be put away into the post-baby pile/nursing-friendly-because-it-zips pile.  :) 

And last but not least, here’s what we’re UP to today:may262012 009
Electrical in:  Check.

may262012 010
Shelf up:  Check

“Microwave up:  Check.” is the next step besides paint touch-ups but I’m obviously no help with that part as it requires lifting more than I’m supposed to right now (let it be known that if I weren’t carrying lives, I am tough enough) so a recruitment of strong arms will take place before we can call this part of our kitchen make-over done.  :)

Exciting week, huh?  I’m sure the closer we come to the twins entrance, the more exciting my weeks will get…riiight.

Stop by for this weeks belly pic.  I’ll have a featured guest of sorts ‘popping’ by…   

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