Guest Bedroom + Office =

A full week of decluttering, newly formed Goodwill piles, and the tedious melding of two rooms in order to give the twins their own space.  This has been my self-imposed project for the past week…me thinking we’d have a fully functional, picture-perfect guest bedroom/office by today.  Well, using the easy excuse of slower functioning due to pregnancy and the fact that my better half has been away more than home this week, I’m having to extend my deadline.  But, we did make quite a dent over the past six days.  Let me divulge.

Here’s where we started circa last weekend:apr282012 005 With Anthony’s muscles, we managed to move the bookshelf and desk over from the future nursery, beginning the process.  We thought this was the layout we’d stick with, but then I had second thoughts.  You see, we were planning on selling the desk that was previously in this room…the one I had primed and thought I’d get around to painting someday but I just couldn’t do it.  It was so much more attractive than the one we planned on keeping:may22012 003 Super-functional but super non-appealing in my opinion.  So, putting my best persuasive skills forward, I convinced Anthony we should sell the above desk and chair in lieu of the other…me still thinking I’d one day get to repaint it.  I even souped up my argument with a new room layout.  It took a little convincing, but he was sold.  Off I was to craigslist to sell a desk and chair. 

So that brought us here: may52012 001 I single-handedly and once again emptied the entire bookshelf of it’s contents so that Anthony could more easily move it and created this new mess:may52012 002

This is where Anthony disappeared into the busy world of being a Director of Religious Ed during the spring and I began pregnancy-safe jobs like paring down the contents of the closet and dresser.  And the Goodwill pile grew, and a trip to ReStore to drop off unused lamps came.

As of yesterday morn, here’s what the room looked like: may52012 003 A mess, but an organized one…in my mind anyway. 

Then, after a Saturday of more sorting, decluttering, and organizing, I got us to here:may52012 005You can’t see it in this picture but the bookshelf now resides, fully stocked, on the right wall next to the chair.  The bed, while still not habitable, is at least a little more visible and mainly covered with pictures from each of our pasts which I refuse to just stuff into a drawer like they were before – I’m working on filling up albums during my sit-down breaks based on which era they’re from…fun, fun.

So, in case you’re still here reading about the boring process of converging two rooms and the mess we’ve made doing it, you must have figured that, yes, it’s the most interesting thing going on in our lives right now.  Even though it’s not near as exciting as spray painting stuff and sewing creations, it feels so good to get rid of stuff we haven’t used and don’t really need.  We’ve got an entire section of closet in the future nursery full of picture frames and mirrors that we’re finally going to put up around the house too in the next few weeks to get these bare walls looking more normal and homey.  I’m really excited about that.  :)

Anyway, I promise I won’t bore you with more progress pics of this bedroom but I might share a pic or two of the picture-perfect completion.  Then it’s on to the nursery, waiting to be used in two short months…can you believe it!  Cray cray. 

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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  1. You have motivated me to add to my continuously growing Good Will pile...and actually relocate it! Love you!