Lazy Saturday Morning


I thought I'd try my luck, and my gag relfex, out this morning and brave the 'ole coffee pot again.  It's the "wonderful" second trimester so why not, right?  I grabbed a mini creamer yesterday at the grocery store just for the occasion and I've come to find, as I sip and type, that it's not too bad!  I'm not gagging and the rest of the world is revolving quite nicely so maybe things are looking up...or going down, whatever floats your boat.  I'm just excited that "I" am feeling somewhat normal again.  :) 

As for the culprits of taking away their mama's normalcy (gladly sacrificed), here they are now at 13.5 weeks:
Pregnant to friends and family,  and "that girl needs an ab workout" to strangers.  I know, I know.  Just wait...

Anyway, I'm sad to admit for the umpteenth weekend in a row that I have no beloved project to show-and-tell.  I could go on and on about how I went to the grocery store yesterday - a  pregnant lady with a starving belly - and picked up a few things we really didn't need...gushers, jalapeno poppers, mini pizzas, trix yogurt...or about how I literally climbed over 40 sleeping teenagers on an overnight tour bus ride last weekend just so I could make it from my little perch in the front to the bathroom in the back to empty my bladder at three in the morn.  Speaking of last weekend, Anthony and I were blessed to help chaperone a 150 teenager trip to Washington D.D. to march for life.  It was so exhilarating to brave the cold and rain (yes Grandma, don't worry, I was warm) to walk to the Supreme Court building in honor of the millions of aborted fetuses and it meant more to me this year, with the two little sprouts in tow, than any other year.  Hopefully all of our voices will be heard and the murder of these innocent babies will come to an end soon.  Pray, pray, pray.
.           .           .

I hope everyone has a great day and a great week!  Just to make your day a little more interesting:  Anthony notified me this morning that it is the 125th anniversary of the largest snowflake ever observed - 15 inches!  Crazy!  (Disclaimer:  In case you're wondering, he found that fact online.  It's not just one that's permanently logded in his noggin in which case I would think he was a little off his rocker.  Not that if you really did know that you're weird...)  So with that, Happy Snowflake Anniversary!  

P to the S.  If you live under a rock, you'd be well-informed to know that the Superbowl is next Sunday and if you aren't sure who to root for, well, let us tell you:
(Caps courtesy of a lovely marriage between and Photoshop.)


  1. Umm so the whole snowflake thing...tell Anthony that I'm right there with him because I informed someone of the anniversary as we are not weird ;)...I found it online too, my guess is he noticed it on Google just as I did! Haha anyway, glad to read that all is well! It was good to see you last weekend and I hope we can catch up again soon! All my love <3