Here's the three of us at 11 weeks...I know it doesn't look like much but...

since then, we've had some expanding:

I've had to resort to a few fashion tweaks and I'm officially on the hunt for good maternity jeans.  Even though we're only 12 weeks now, my uterus measures in at 15-16 weeks...some interesting info offered yesterday by the best Ob doc in the world, mine.  :)

Here are the twins this week:

And here's their last snapshot-in-utero together:  

Lately, during my spare time, I've found myself searching the net to find pictures of what your belly is supposed to look like week-by-week with twins but I haven't come out with any good results so, it'll be interesting to see how quickly the mid-section expands and to document it for other people with the same "what am I to expect?" questions as muah.  :)

Anyway, as we deviate from DIY into pregnancy land, rest assured that I feel hints of motivation rising in me.  We (I told Anthony he needs to make me) will be working on the loveseat this weekend and we're raiding home improvement stores today to seek and find the best deal on new countertops so, with all that being said, hopefully we'll have some more progress to share on all that mumbo jumbo next week.

Until then, be sure to keep up with Nicole at Little Spriggles!  She's made a New Year's resolution to do a project every week and I can't wait to see...and to get some added motivation and inspiration...from her ideas!

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S.  Be sure to cast your vote on your thoughts about the male/female-ness of the two tots in the sidebar!


  1. This is the best site for belly shots! I couldn't find any good ones when I was pregnant with my first until I saw this one. So many different belly shapes/sizes/looks! http://www.i-am-pregnant.com/names/photobook.htm